Well I'm xavoblues, and music has been my passion since I can remember. I started playing guitar when I was 14, like 29 years ago!! God it's been a long time, but at that time I didn't know anything about music theory or stuff like that, I just played some Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Zeppelin riffs just like everybody else.
Anyway, I fell in love with the guitar and started listening and playing anything I could, I love everything about the instrument so all the songs I write start out in a guitar, always.
I have played in some bands over the years and right now I'm starting a new project, I hope I can talk about this later, when everything gets into place.
Although my favorite genres have always been rock and blues I'm very open minded to all kinds of music, my listening playlists are so varied that I don't think anyone could stand hearing them with me.
So if you get to listen to my iTunes library you'll hear a wide range of music from Metal to classic rock, classical, flamenco, blues, jazz, pop, latin (a lot of latin music), and a very large etc. As you can see, anything goes, the only thing that almost everything I like have in common is the use of the guitar. Of course, my all time heroes are Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Paco de Lucia, Santana, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen, Django Reindhartd, Al Di Meola, Wes Montgomery, Zakk Wylde, Heitor Villalobos, Tom Morello and so on.

I have written a lot of music and I have some examples of them here, most of them are still in demo mode, but I will have them recorded prefesionally pretty soon.

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Guitar Idol 2009 March 25, 2009
I entered this guitar contest, time runs out on march 29th
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Title Genre Released Plays
Baila En Mi Nombre new Latin Nov 1, 2016 565
Cerca del Presente 2015 Latin Dec 10, 2015 507
Arena y fuego Latin Jan 2, 2013 706
Kill Me Out Rock Oct 17, 2011 1849
This Life (new mix) Rock Jul 31, 2009 742
It's Not My Fault (2K) Rock Jun 30, 2009 709
This Life Rock Jun 11, 2009 672
It's Not My Fault Rock Jan 23, 2009 843
El Tormento de la Conciencia Alternative Sep 6, 2008 836
Sol en Negro (Sun in Black) Latin Aug 20, 2008 1032
Oyeme Bien Latin Aug 18, 2008 1340
Abismo Temporal Alternative Aug 17, 2008 736
Respiro (I Breathe) Latin Aug 14, 2008 1111
Puercos (Pigs) Alternative Aug 13, 2008 725
Luchemos Juntos (Let's fight together) Latin Aug 9, 2008 1235
Cerca del presente (Close to the present) Rock Aug 8, 2008 813
Just The End Rock Aug 5, 2008 804
Vuelve a mi luna (Come back to my moon) Blues Aug 1, 2008 813
Baila en mi nombre Rock Jul 31, 2008 1171
Prelude (Moon water) Classical Jul 29, 2008 1088
Help The Poor Blues Jul 16, 2008 1015
La vida duele Blues Jul 13, 2008 1416
Esperame Latin Jul 12, 2008 695
Blue Idol Blues Jul 12, 2008 788


Title Artist Genre Plays
FAIRY TALE Barretok Rock 2087
The Betrayer RAVENS Other 4078
Baby, You're Wild pharmakeus [+2] Rock 2988
Sad Moon MusicLeft Jazz 2482
Il Merlo Parlante pragawalker Folk 815
Misery Smile herrsolera [+4] Metal 4549
Amazing Bee Song rhonie [+1] Rock 2580
Walk Away zallaz [+1] Rock 5304
Remembering(For A Friend) guitar55 Classical 1457
UNBREAKABLE(w.Macoco) Barretok [+1] Blues 2214
Rock and Roll {Pretty Mamma} pharmakeus Rock 3607
Lonely Wolf Blues KCsGROOVE [+1] Funk 6631
Borrando El Tiempo luiti Pop 1073
Come eravamo (how we were) fromano [+2] Pop 4086
"Pennies from Heaven" fatchance [+1] Jazz 2408
Cruel Cruel Bossa BossHook Jazz 2795
Falling Version 2 RavensRequiem [+2] Rock 1894
Romantic Scam grathy [+1] Latin 1668
Bad Luck fromano [+1] Rock 2499
I Don't Wanna Be A Rock Star rsorensen Rock 4977
Sad Songs have no Chorus (remix) RadioRebelde Alternative 910
Union Man pharmakeus [+2] Rock 2781
Beginning Singing Series: Blues- House of Love..... OMNICELL Blues 1371
So Contagious herrsolera [+4] Metal 5794
Edgewood Point BossHook Rock 2598
Let Me Pass Xolv Blues 2233
Don't (Rebirth) AshleyBeanHead [+3] Rock 2402
If I Only Had a Brain rsorensen Rock 1424
She Just Wants to Rock n Roll Xolv Blues 3491
Sing for absolution (cover w/Ilaria) fromano [+1] Rock 2221
Blues For Geo guitar55 Blues 1281
PLAY ME SOME BLUES Barretok [+1] Blues 2533
Whatcha Say? RAVENS [+1] Latin 9707
Bonnie & Clyde Dyl [+2] Rock 4889
Morning Smile RedthruNthru Blues 2126
Broken (collab) fromano [+3] Blues 2564
Bad Bad Whisky Xolv Blues 2369
Old Cars & Fair Weather Friends RedthruNthru Blues 1786
Deep River {Garlands Green} pharmakeus Rock 2116
New Year's Day Ignoramus [+2] Rock 1806
In My Head Again rsorensen Alternative 1949
Octane PinkFreud Rock 1057
Time to change KCsGROOVE [+1] Rock 2154
Santanarama fatchance Rock 2226
Si tu no vuelves fromano [+2] Pop 4890
Jenny & The Rough Terrain BossHook [+1] Folk 2063
[Shadows] The Child, redux eido Classical 1507
funny days starseedz Inspirational 1576
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