I've been influenced mainly by Bowie and Eno. Love electronic sounds but I don't mind a good riff. I write my own stuff and play most of the instruments. I try to come out with something easy to listen to with an edge, I call it Weird Pop. My only intention is to have fun and hope others will have fun as well or at least wonder what the heck is going on.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
WhatUWant Pop Oct 20, 2009 1203
TheSea Pop Oct 28, 2010 1231
TheMerryGoRound Rock Jul 4, 2011 1186
RecorriendoElMundo Pop Oct 18, 2011 1696
ShowMeTheSky Pop Mar 31, 2017 611


Title Genre Released Plays
I'm Alive (F.E.A.H.M RMX) Dance Jan 8, 2011 2386
alive Dance Jan 9, 2011 469
acid featuring Electronica Jan 20, 2011 469
Poker Face Dance Jan 21, 2011 1602
Mr Vain Dance Mar 1, 2011 1405
Petite Gueppe Other Jun 9, 2011 1560
You Are My Morning Light Dance Jun 14, 2011 1224
Oh Baby (in French) Hip Hop/Rap Jul 29, 2011 2283
Emergency (Resuscitation Remix) Dance Aug 9, 2011 1411


Title Artist Genre Plays
Yes I Am Alone GaryLester Industrial 32579
Heavy Changes tritonkg Jazz 577
Sweetness PierreSimon [+1] Other 1032
Breathe (Deep Mix) C_Man Electronica 1150
crazy without you that80sboy Pop 1947
Verso un giornale (Toward a newspaper) MusicLeft [+1] Latin 1779
Kassi mikecookmusic Electronica 626
Short and Sweet v3 JulietsFuneral Pop 743
The Undertaking DX_OF_TX Electronica 1045
Our Yearlong Affair carlajpatterson [+1] Classical 1699
Hide & Seek (Sexual Revolution Remix) Ultravioletta [+1] Dance 1438
Beautiful Stebbo Alternative 1566
What I Used to Be Naaji Pop 1602
Dirt (Mr. Moods, moving in the shadows mix) MRMOODS [+1] Electronica 1183
Providence RazbaqueDirge Electronica 783
Did You Smell That? brewchugger Alternative 911
Calling Forth The Unimaginable RazbaqueDirge New Age 645
Deeper Light (DI) becwil Classical 2286
Yes I Am Fredriksen Blues 1058
Solitude (In My Ambient Mix) Ver. II C_Man [+1] Electronica 1526
It's Not My Job Naaji Dance 1587
tomorrow or today that80sboy Pop 1554
After All (Prog House Mix) C_Man Dance 1442
The Witch House Dare RazbaqueDirge Other 583
Somewhere Else RazbaqueDirge Dance 635
If You Wanna Feel GOOD Naaji Dance 1541
Sailing Moon (DI) becwil Ambient 1578
TOMAME (V2) tritonkg Dance 547
forever and a day that80sboy Alternative 1226
Carry The Weight (Club Mix) C_Man Dance 1297
Hey You GaryLester Pop 1891
Wii (I've Got My) Electro Mix C_Man [+1] Electronica 1499
I'm Not Crazy (Demo Mix) Ver.2 C_Man Electronica 3897
Alma Llanera (Cover) tritonkg World 1152
Altered State (DI) becwil Ambient 1934
i'm nothing without you that80sboy Pop 6206
Momma's Place (IsOnFireMix) C_Man Dance 1253
The Goodbye Waltz ZipZipper Classical 1386
Yellow (Ambient Light Mix) C_Man [+1] Electronica 6677
Den första gången brnPetra [+1] Alternative 1566
Oceans (Drowned Out Mix) C_Man Electronica 1055
Figure Out What to Do Naaji Alternative 1314
Silver Lining (DI) becwil Ambient 1931
Dark In Here Naaji Alternative 1723
dance in the rain that80sboy Pop 1409
Volti Prezuma ZipZipper Other 1524
Aethereal RazbaqueDirge Electronica 700
Conquest (House Mix) C_Man [+1] Dance 1083
Languid Squid RazbaqueDirge Ambient 1077
You You You and Me Me Me Naaji Pop 1138
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