Lucky 13 & Lyrics
December 17, 2013 | 2:15 pm

Lyric insight and was 2013 lucky?

Here's an insight, kind of, about some, not all of my lyrics. Often they are drawn from events that have happened to myself. Well that is not exactly earth shattering news, and I'm sure a fair few writers in a lot of spheres do the same, novels, movies etc.

Then there's other lyrics that are pure fiction, written in the abstract, or not rooted in any kind of reality or turn of events. Again not a 'stop the press' insight, from the dawn of man folk have been telling myths, legends, fantasies so there has been a little precedent for that. Plus the majority of entertainment in movies does not have that disclaimer 'inspired/based on true events', if every movie was based on true events, it would be like watching endless 'docu-drama's'.

Now we get to the third type of lyric, which could fall into the second category too, so does this make it a 'sub-genre'. It's a style I find difficult to even write about here, but I'll try. I guess the only way I can describe it is like a 'worst/best case scenario or tempt fate lyric'.

Where as a writer I will think 'what's the worst/silliest/best thing that can happen? It's a slightly masochistic way of writing, because sometimes these musings have 'tempted fate' sometimes years after they where written something would happen echoing a lyric. Someone else sang once 'all your songs have come true'. So perhaps I guess if you write about any subject, eventually that subject will happen in the everyday, unless you're writing about 'alien invaders' or something really leftfield, but them again never say never.

I knew full well back in 2012 (2012 was a very dark year), writing a song called 'Lucky 13' would be very tempting fate. 2013 has been a real roller coaster year, the most unpredictable year of my life, a series of events I'm still trying to make sense of.

The sequence of events that found me back in Canada were terrible, and I was very angry when I arrived. Toronto is my spiritual home though, and at least I could breath there again. But what I put Jana through she deserved a medal for those early days, it was not a cakewalk. Eventually we got somewhere close to our old selves. If 2012 was dark, 2013 was light for the most part, a lot of solar energy.

Jana gets annoyed when I obsess about how 'Scott Pilgrim' captured the essence of Toronto, personally I don't think she can see it because she's in it 24/7. But the neighbourhoods/ the downtown and especially the people, especially how they talk is so accurate in both the books and the movie. It would be very easy in Toronto to find myself feeling like I was living in a comic book and that was fun/slightly unreal/bizarre.

Jana. I miss you.

I do hope I get back to Canada again, something else seems to be intriguing me now, blame a band called 'Little Suns'. Montreal. A city I'd like to investigate in more depth.

And I so miss Ice Hockey, which you cannot avoid in The Great White North.

Lucky 13? In places, totally!

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