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Sad 😔 news regarding Woofer3 (John Jenkins) 1 month ago
Sorry to hear this. I always looked forward to hearing what John would come up with. My condolences to his family and friends.
Outside iComp Contests 1 year ago
Indaba are running some competitions based on themes:-

Action Track

Spring Awakening
Official Vote For Me Thread 1 year ago
My What's Going On entry
Official Vote For Me Thread 1 year ago
My Tears of a Clown entry
Official Vote For Me Thread 1 year ago
Sony/ATV along with Indaba are looking for cover versions of What's Going On (Marvin Gaye) and Tears Of a Clown (Smokey Robinson). This isn't really a competition just a case of submit stuff and they choose what they want. There would only be a financial return if your submission was used. The details make clear that they are looking for imaginative reworking of these songs not straight covers and no samples from the originals are to be used. I do love both of these tracks so I have made a start on recording them. Both songs feature sad and reflective lyrics tied up with bright and cheerful music so I am finding it difficult to create the moody versions I want.
If anyone else on icomp is going for this please let me know.

R.I.P. Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire) 2 years ago
I will also remember him as the drummer with The Ramsey Lewis Trio. Thank you for the music.
Official Song Plugging Thread 2 years ago
A mashup of "Writing's on the Wall" and "You Work For Me". A battle of movie themes with James Bond up against Napoleon Solo. The video was taken down by YouTube but I appealed on the grounds that the track was a parody and it was then reinstated.
Official Vote For Me Thread 2 years ago
@BigDaddyCee and @ZipZipper I have put in votes for your entries.
I have an entry in the Cupido contest. It is a Reggae take on Cupido by Debi Nova and is mostly in Spanish.
Voting ends 23rd March
Holy Cow.....I WON!!! 3 years ago
Congrats, I have been around on indaba for a while but I have never won anything.
NAMM 2015 Music Equipment Show 3 years ago
Focusrite have brought out the all new Clarett range of audio interfaces with Thunderbolt connectivity.
NAMM 2015 Music Equipment Show 3 years ago
Is there anything at NAMM 2015 to rave about?
New Mac mini slight so Mac Pro can live 3 years ago
A year ago I put off buying a Mac mini when I discovered it was long overdue for an upgrade. Now the new model has arrived with lots of options but no flexibility for upgrading or swapping parts, what you order is what you have to live with.

In the meantime I have upgraded to 64 bit Windows 7 (after ditching Windows 8 ). I also tried out some USB audio interfaces but after many problems went back to a reliable PCI audio card. I am now trying out Firewire interfaces as Firewire is compatible with Thunderbolt and less likely to become obsolete.

It does seem inevitable that my iPhone and iPad will be joined by a Mac mini but I am waiting till next year to see how Thunderbolt or USB 3 interfaces shape up for the Macs, by then I should have a Firewire interface that is compatible. Will I ditch PCs completely? it all depends on how Windows 10 turns out.
Piano Concept Blew My Mind 3 years ago
Thanks for sharing, this might inspire me to do some piano exercises.
What Are You Listening To Today? 3 years ago
Some Horace Silver tracks. I heard the news of his death this morning and have been following the links on many of the comments posted on the net.
Acoustic Samples C7 Grand 3 years ago
Looks good, sounds good, I guess this would be the way to go for Jazz piano.
Outside iComp Contests 3 years ago
Here is a competition I just came across. It is sponsored by EastWest.
Which interface do you use? 3 years ago
I am still using a soundcard (Terratec) but its days are numbered as I am phasing out the 32 bit computer it is in. My next computer will be 64 bit and have Thunderbolt ports so it would seem logical to step up to a Thunderbolt audio interface. I have my eye on the Zoom TAC-2 but that could change as more products hit the market.
Music selling and promotion and the details in between... 3 years ago
Thanks for the link. Ari has certainly done his research, he also knows how to set himself up on the web.
Outside iComp Contests 3 years ago
I have done lots of competitions at indabamusic but never won anything. @Bapta I will look out for you there.
Here is the trailer for the third Sarah Vaughan Competition. I entered the first one with someone from icomp but it is unlikely that I will enter this year.

Sarah Vaughan Competition
Keep or lose Popular Songs This Week list? 3 years ago
I vote to keep the “Popular Songs This Week” list. It is not just a “Top 10” I have 50 songs displayed on my list and use it to catch up on listens I may have missed on the “Recent Downloads” list. I like that tracks only last a week on the chart then have to make way for something more recent.

I doubt if the algorithm for determining the ranking will ever be made public but it must be affected by the number of plays, favourites, downloads, number of comments and for all I know it might be affected by the number of collaborators. Favourites and Downloads are really for the benefit of the listener. I have never used Favourites so I figure my listens carry less weight than Listeners who play and then favourite a track.

We all have reasons for commenting, some comment to signify general approval similar to likes in Facebook. Some use it for critical comment on the track itself and some use it for general banter and observations. The amount of comments does seem to affect the ranking and this probably serves to demote deserving contributions that receive little or no comments.
Who's got your music without your permission 4 years ago
What exactly is the point of the site? They have some of my stuff including audio from a YouTube post that isn't even a music track! Is this a case of bots hoovering up content?
Upcoming Server Maintenance 4 years ago
When the site was down for maintenance I had a look at the icompositions twitter page for any news or updates. There was nothing much there as the page does not seem very active. Can we have an occasional tweet please for those of us that do use twitter?
Beware of "non-exclusive licenses" 4 years ago
I recently came across a remix competition for a Laura Mvula track
all well and good but down in the Terms and Conditions I found this

Sony shall have the absolute right to exploit the Remix throughout the world and you hereby grant to Sony all consents necessary to enable Sony to so exploit the Remix without any payment or royalty to you

I still entered the competition

but I really have to wonder what is the point? The only incentive is to become part of the official remix bundle featured on the webpage.

The remix contains riffs and horn arrangements I created but it seems I have already signed them over to Sony.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
Have I overstepped the mark tinkering with this much loved classic?
I have no idea as there are no comments.

Tubular Bells
Are you on Soundcloud: have a website with your music? 4 years ago
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago
I havent posted anything here in ages apart from my latest collaborations. There is stuff in the pipeline but it all needs adding to and finishing up. Meanwhile here are some competition entries I have done, I dont know why I keep doing them as I never win anything but here they are.

I used to be able to post these things on icompositions under a creative commons license but those clauses have now been removed from the entry conditions and replaced with conditions that only allow links to the entry itself.
Hope you enjoy

Laura Mvula Thats Alright

Gyptian Overtime
DAW Computers: Buy or Build Your Own? 4 years ago
Hi Martin
I built a new PC a year ago and ran it on the preview version of Windows 8
I bought the full version of Windows 8 when it was released and had every intention of upgrading to the latest version of Sonar and getting a new audio interface. What happened? Well Windows 8 proved to be a real pain to use, I tried all sorts of addons and workarounds but it remained awkward and clunky to use. Oh well I thought Microsoft will have to sort it out. Sure enough Windows 8.1 is now on the horizon but it is going to be a few weeks till I can get my (free) upgrade and there is no guarantee that it will be any better.

The new computer has USB 3 so it seemed logical to get a USB 3 audio interface, except there were none available so I waited. A year on RME has announced one. It seems USB 3 will allow a quantum leap in features but this will be a very expensive piece of kit and not for me.
So here I am one year on. The Windows 8 computer sits idle while I continue to use my XP Pro computer with no upgrades to software or audio interface.
'Sayings' Gone Wrong 4 years ago
I've only got two pairs of hands.
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
Can someone please update the twitter entry.
Drummer available for collabs... 5 years ago
Hi James, I think we have already played together on the track "Tumbling Dice". It is very good of you to volunteer your services. I hope we can collaborate on something before too long.
Dave Brubeck 5 years ago
He certainly had a good innings and contributed so much. Time Out was the first Jazz album I ever bought. It was just a few weeks ago me and grathy did a cover of Take Five.
iCompositions for Android 5 years ago
I have been meaning to ask if it is possible for icomp to upgrade its player to something with a waveform display and a elapsed/total tme display.

Second part of question - Would a non QuickTime player make it easier to write an Android app?
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
Skyfall is the theme to the new James Bond movie
this is the instrumental version I posted
and I have now added a link to a vocal version featuring Kate the vocalist in my present band.
Official Song Plugging Thread 5 years ago
Happy Halloween
What Are You Listening To Today? 5 years ago
Skyfall the theme from the new Bond movie sung by Adele
Lots of opinions and ranting on this link.
For me Worth repeated listens and it certainly meets the requirements of a Bond theme. Check the orchestration.
The Olympics London UK 2012 5 years ago
I made it to the stadium for the last day of events in the paralympic games along with my son his wife and my two week old grand daughter! Tremendous atmosphere and amazing architecture.
The PA in the stadium was the best I have ever heard for a venue this size, with the speaker arrays suspended from a high level ring pointing back towards the spectators.
Kick drum solution 5 years ago
My son recently took back his 22 kick drum. Thanks to ebay I was able to find this 16" floor tom that had been converted to a kick drum. It is really dinky but seems fine for studio recording and sampling.

Has anyone else gone down the Small is Beautiful path for drums?

Mike Oldfieldesque? 5 years ago
Check out this competition
It is worth entering just to get the download of all 16 stems of the original. Be warned though, the download took me almost an hour.
The Olympics London UK 2012 5 years ago
Yesterday, extra tickets for Football at the Coventry Stadium were put on sale at the ticket office. I will be watching the Women's GB vs Canada match on Friday.
The Olympics London UK 2012 5 years ago
I live very close to the Arena in Coventry where some of the football is staged. Getting tickets was not made easy so I won't be attending any matches.

I am however involved in Godiva Awakes which is part of the Olympic festivities.
DAW Computers: Buy or Build Your Own? 5 years ago
My new build computer supports USB3 which is a big plus for speedy backups to memory sticks and external hard drive.
I see Macs have started supporting USB3 will that make them more adaptable for linking to keyboards and audio interfaces?
Why are there no USB3 audio interfaces yet? The manufacturers said Firewire was better than USB2. USB3 is better than Firewire so what is happening?
Official Vote For Me Thread 5 years ago
Over on indabamusic there is a competition to remix TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)
This song written by Gamble & Huff was used as the theme for the TV series Soul Train and is loaded with some of the most distinctive riffs and hooks ever laid down.
The stems are worth downloading just for the insight they give on how this hit was put together so let me hear from you if you download the stems or enter the competition.

I have now put in an entry under the name zincshed.

Link to the competition (Entries close May 18th)
This (hopefully) makes you rethink about mixing visually. 5 years ago
Very interesting, I was not aware of this phenomena. Like Pcmx above I have adjusted a mix for minutes on end before realizing that the playback I was listening to was an unchanged submix.
Great Movie Soundtracks 5 years ago
Morricone's soundtrack to Terrence Malick's "Days Of Heaven" is often overlooked. The main theme "The Harvest" is seldom included in any compilations of Morricone's music.
Advertising Music ??? 6 years ago
http://www.Taxi.com have very detailed specifications for material they want for placement. They list lots of genres and they often mention the artists they want things to sound like.

Radio and TV station Id's are called Idents
@Xolv I didn't realize the term jingle is no longer in fashion. What are the alternatives?
Choosing a sample rate and bit depth for recording. 6 years ago
Thanks MH this cleared up a few things I didn't really understand.
all your christmas songs! 6 years ago
Here are my Christmas songs

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Little Town Of Bethlehem

Winter Wonderland
Official Vote For Me Thread 6 years ago
Here is my competition entry over at indabamusic to remix a track by Umphreys McGee. The band comes from Chicago and is described as a progressive rock/jam band. I have no idea what the lyrics are all about. Votes are welcome if you can spare the time. (competition now closed)
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago
Have a listen to a mix I did that combines the vocals of Adele and John Legend for the track Rolling In The Deep.
Please share the link if you like the track
The mix without the vocals is here
Garageband for iphone 6 years ago
I have just downloaded Garageband for iphone. This will be my first experience with an apple music application apart from itunes. Any suggestions or words of encouragement?
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago
Rolling In The Deep (zincshed mix Gmin 105 bpm)

I started this as a project for the band I play in and used the acapella in G minor by John Legend as a place holder for the vocal. The original by Adele is in C minor but over on YouTube someone has posted a bizarre mix of her track and John Legends vocals that is clocking up half a million hits!

I wandered what would happen if I added Adeles acapella to my mix and sure enough it sounded very strange. However with a bit of pitch shifting I was able to get her vocals working as harmony. This is all an experiment, the backing music is my creation but as the vocals are the property of the artists I have not posted this as an icomp track. I hope you enjoy.
DAW Computers: Buy or Build Your Own? 6 years ago
@MH2010 I use Terratec and M-Audio soundcards which are designed for recording but for my next computer I will have to move up to a USB audio interface. I do have some latency with my present setup but I can correct for it when playing in live and when mixing. My instruments are all hardware based running off midi so I don't have that much load on the processor. I did try to keep the newest computer off line and use the old one for internet but they both ended up connected.
DAW Computers: Buy or Build Your Own? 6 years ago
Hi Martin I have been building computers for a while. I used to upgrade bits and pieces but nowadays I just start building a new computer while the old one is still going.
My starting point is a usually a motherboard by Asus or Gigabyte with all the latest bells and whistles and I always get a really quiet power supply and video card. I am still running a soundcard and Windows XP Pro so my next build will be quite a step up. Then again there is always the temptation to switch to Apple.
RIP Steve Jobs 6 years ago
Thanks Steve. I can truly say you changed the way I live. I will miss your vision. I hope others will be inspired by you to think creatively and not settle for mundane compromises.
Are you on YouTube? 6 years ago
Some clips of my trip to New Orleans and some classical guitar from my brother in law. I intend putting up some piano pieces once I sort out the audio input to my camera.
GarageBand composition help 6 years ago
I am sure you can find midi files for stuff like this on the net. The midi files will have the different parts and can be imported into garageband. Most people run a mile from midi but it does get the job done.
Is Garageband easier to use than Cakewalk? 6 years ago
You need to ask yourself some questions
Are you going to use a mic for Vocals/acoustic instruments?
Will you use line in for electric instruments?
Do you need to input midi and do midi editing?
Do you need music scores and printouts?
Will you depend on the virtual instruments in the DAW?
Are you going to use mainly loops and samples?
Some DAWs are very good for loops and virtual instruments while other Daws are better for live recording or midi editing.
RIP Ed (Sloparts) Wemmerus 6 years ago
I am so sorry to hear the news. The comments he made on my music were always considered and he conveyed a great sense of appreciation for the tracks he liked. He was a great artist and will be missed.
what old music gear do you own? 6 years ago
A Rhodes Mk1 stage piano but I still end up using EP patches most of the time.
PC Optimization DAW Tips For Both Mac & Windows Platform 6 years ago
Thanks for this Martin. Over the years I have fiddled with various setting but I cannot remember now what I have done. This article seems to sum up all the necessary things (for PC).
country midi files 6 years ago
Hi Juergen
I have a Yamaha Song Data Library - Country & Western Bonanza disk. The songs on it are:- crazy, youre my best friend, angel of the morning, jolene, the end of the world, rhinestone cowboy, coal miners daughter, stand by your man. These are midi files on a floppy disk. I could email you the files or post the disk to you. Just send a message if you are interested.
A Message with Meaning by a 21st century Prophet 6 years ago
Here is a plug for Lady Gaga (the musician not the celebrity).
I promise I will do something serious for my next track.
How big is your library? 6 years ago
I have 850 tracks in itunes that I have bought over the last 4 years. I also have other stuff that I have transferred from my CD and vinyl collection but I try to keep these transfers to a minimum. Finally there is other stuff I have downloaded or recorded. I try to avoid putting anything into my itunes library that will end up not being played.
Acoustics better after dark! 6 years ago
Ok I seem to be getting closer to an explanation of what happens to sound when night falls. It is nothing to do with humidity or dew.

It seems that temperature gradients bend sound. This is well recognised by people doing sound reinforcement or noise abatement.

"The effect often happens at dusk or dawn because sound bends from hotter air into cooler air. During the day the ground is hotter than the air above it so sound bends vertically upwards.
It is only when the sun stops falling on the ground that the ground cools down, then the the air gets hotter above. That is when sound can bend towards the ground."
This might explain what I think I have experienced at open air concerts as evening falls.
Acoustics better after dark! 6 years ago
I followed 8MonthMalfuntions link which stated that temperature does affect the speed of sound but that humidity has a negligible effect.
Well water vapour in the air might not affect the speed but it does affect the frequency of sound that carries especially when the water starts to condense out in the form of fog, mist, morning dew or evening dew. Water droplets dampen out high frequencies which is apparently why a foghorn uses a very low note.
Does this explain the following:-
Open air concert on a hot day - Evening draws in and the temperature starts to fall, ideal conditions for evening dew. Suddenly the sound is almost magical (depending on the musicians on stage of course) I can only describe it as the music hanging in the air. Could the condensation be filtering out extraneous sounds? Does the slower speed of sound make it better? Has anyone else had this experience?
Acoustics better after dark! 6 years ago
Well if you can't beat them, join them.
Acoustics better after dark! 6 years ago
Thanks for posing the question. I have noticed that with outdoor live music, when a hot day is followed by a cool evening there is a point when the music seems to hang in the air and the sound can be almost magical. At this point the air could be described as heavy and still.
Some recording studios have really cold airconditioning and the humidity is controlled. I suspect this helps their sound. What do others think?
Official Vote For Me Thread 6 years ago
Thanks for your support, I was in the top 20 at one stage but slipped back to 45th out of 318
Choosing your favourite songs 6 years ago
Which eight discs would you take with you if you were going to be cast away alone on a desert island?
Official Vote For Me Thread 6 years ago
Here is my entry in the Paul Simon remix competition over on the indabamusic site.
Winners were announced on 7th July 2011.Sadly I did not make it for one of the awards but I thank you for your support.

If you follow the link you will also be able to browse the entries. The variety of approaches is quite amazing.
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago
Voting in the Paul Simon remix competition is now open.

Voting is very straightforward so please follow the link below and put in a vote for my entry
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago
This is a competition entry so I guess it could do with a plug.

Anyway it is a chance to hear something new from Paul Simon.
Damn Scientists and their scienc-y-ness 6 years ago
I once tried to tune a Fender Rhodes piano starting with a note from a tuning fork then using fifths and octaves by ear. Not for hell would it work.

It was only later that I found out about the well tempered scale and the deliberate adjustments needed to make a keyboard sound right in any key.

Fortunately you don't need to know the details to play music but it is good somebody did the maths along the way or we would all be using keyboards tuned to a particular key!

I was suprised the article did not mention midi or quantisation. (PS tune a Rhodes from an electronic keyboard)
How are my songs on newsodrome.com without my permission? 6 years ago
At least newsodrome links back to the track in itunes in a straightforward manner. I have counted 9 other sites linking to my tracks. Some of these seem to be very dodgy newsfeed sites or content farms intent on selling useless services.
Cheap Microphone 6 years ago
I have 2 condensor mics but I have gone back to using a Shure SM58 for everything. It is a great mic.
the internet and music 6 years ago
Interesting video. Check out this article which asks the question "Why bother forming a band when you can do everything on a laptop?"


The article has links to the SXSW Interactive Music and Film Festival which is running in Austin Texas. That festival poses lots of questions as to where music is going.
doubt this will improve sining in the shower 7 years ago
This is bizarre. It is not April 1st yet so this must be for real.
Questions About Play List Hide Features. 7 years ago
When I finally sussed out how the folder system worked in Sonar, I started keeping a .doc file and a .jpeg file in the folder for any track nearing completion. This way I usually have some album art and a writeup ready for any track I post. I find the edit facilities in icomp very effective as you can make changes to album art and writeup after posting a track. Of course you cannot change the track itself but icomp have documented some very valid reasons for this.
New Zealand iCompers 7 years ago
Many years ago I studied construction codes for earthquake zones as part of my degree studies. I find it really hard to see the statistics for developing countries hit by earthquakes and hurricanes and to know so much tragedy is avoidable.

New Zealand is a First World country now at the mercy of natural events. The casualties will be in a different league to other places but it still comes down to the lives of individuals and to the hope and support the community and the world can bring to bear.

My heart goes out to all those affected in New Zealand while at the same time I still feel the pain for the people of Haiti.
Odd Time Signature Collection 7 years ago
This cover of "Words" has the odd timing of the original. In the instrumental section I count 3 bars of 3/4 plus a bar of 2/4. I have seen this written as 11/4

SO, How Do You Peeps Establish -0- VU Levels When Recording? 7 years ago
In Sonar my db meters change from green to red at -3.0 db is this supposed to equal 0db analogue?
SO, How Do You Peeps Establish -0- VU Levels When Recording? 7 years ago
Anything over 0db in digital is a no no, so something like -4db or -6db in digital is like 0db in analogue because you have a bit of room to overshoot. Have I got this right? Looking at it this way I work with averages of -4db with peaks of -0.5db max. But how do you calibrate this? and why do you need to? The only time I overshoot 0db in analogue is when I use my old cassette recorder.
SO, How Do You Peeps Establish -0- VU Levels When Recording? 7 years ago
I allow clipping in my early mixes then go back and work on the hot spots where the clipping has occurred! Usually it is a hit in a drum fill combined with a bass note or a rather strident vocal phrase causing the clipping. I will then reduce volumes for a single word or drum hit or note in the relevant tracks till the clipping goes away. Sometimes I will shift a bassline slightly to stop it lining up exactly with the drums. I also put slow attack curves on the start of some clips. Once I sort out the hot spots I find I can raise the overall volume without using compression or limiting.

I do use a mastering utility to master my final mixes but ideally this just boosts the volume further with a minimum of compression. Two years ago I didnt have a clue about any of this.
Looking for a quality synthesizer 7 years ago
@Xolv thanks for the tip. Soundtech located 2 left in the country and I got one yesterday. @ScottHorwath the keyboard weighs only 24lbs and fits across the back seat of my very small car. It has a metal case rather than plastic and I am very pleased with it so far.
Looking for a quality synthesizer 7 years ago
Maybe this thread has a life of its own Eido.

I too am looking for a keyboard but it will be mainly for playing live. I do lug an 88 key Roland A90 around if absolutely necessary but it weighs a ton. I have a Yamaha mm6 which weighs 11 pounds and I have started using that but it is 61 keys not weighted and very flimsy.

Ideally I need a 76 key weighted keyboard. I spotted the new Kurzweil SP4-7 as a possible choice

but no one can quote me a delivery time for one of these in the UK!
Korg Kronos MONSTER Workstation VIDEOS 7 years ago
I Watched the entire presentation. Korg have certainly upped the stakes here. The touch screen thing seems very significant. They don't seem to be pushing this as a stage keyboard but it seems to me it would be great for playing live. Do I need to make an appointment with my bank manager?
Album Art Help 7 years ago
If you know someone with a fish tank get a figure and an anchor (lego?) and photograph them in the tank. If you make your drawings deliberately primitive that can also work.
The Future Of MIDI Music In 1986! 7 years ago
Nothing worked for me in those days. I remember buying Octamed for the Amiga. It worked for a day then never worked again. The first thing that worked for me was a program called WinJammer for the PC.
Production Desktop from scratch 7 years ago
I am looking to do a new build early next year. The motherboard is the first decision. My existing one is a socket 775 I am looking to move back over to AMD and a socket AM3.

You can store a lot of audio on a hard drive so I would only think of external drives for backup. M-Audio make great sound cards. I have a Audiophile 2496 card which works fine. I don't use external interfaces at all.
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
A bit of Brubeck. Dave Brubeck is celebrating his 90th birthday. There has been a lot of coverage in the UK with TV and radio specials to mark the event.
What Are You Listening To Today? 7 years ago
Music Weekly - Motown Special on the Guardian website (www.guardian.co.uk) 40 minutes of discussion and analysis of the Motown sound including playback of some studio multitracks.

This is downloadable but I don't know how long it is available.
bbc reports University offers Lady Gaga sociology course 7 years ago
It would be great if some one could explain the "Sociology of Fame" to me and also explain the whole X-Factor/American Idol thing, preferably in a short magazine article, not a 3 year University course.

DaveM mentions all the wannabe Media Stars. During my years in teaching I came across kids who seemed to think that instant fame was their right with no consideration for musical skills or knowlege.

On the other hand I have seen kids go the route of obsessive training and practice on the path to achieving qualifications and status in the world of classical music.

Good luck to those that can achieve some kind of balance and have realistic goals.
Authentic Food Recipe 7 years ago
Hi Vicki. The key to Jerk Chicken (or jerk pork) is the sauce or marinade which contains scotch bonnet peppers and pimento (all spice). The real thing is sold from roadside barbeques in Jamaica and is smoked over a pimento wood fire.

Various brands of jerk seasoning are now on sale in most supermarkets in the UK so I just use the sauce, season up chicken pieces for a few hours beforehand and roast in the oven for an hour. Very tasty.
Authentic Food Recipe 7 years ago
Rice and Peas (Jamaican Style)

The peas are in fact Kidney Beans but this is not Beans and Rice, that is something else.

I really love my Rice and Peas and cook it whenever guests come round. This is my version that has evolved by trial and error. Once upon a time the key ingredient Coconut Milk had to be made by grating a coconut, very tedious to say the least. Nowadays tinned coconut milk and dried kidney beans are available in just about every supermarket in the UK, so this dish is really very easy to make.

Ingredients serves 6

1 cup of dried kidney beans (200 gms)
(Do not try to use tinned kidney beans it will not work)

11/2 cups rice (300 gms)
(easy cook rice preferred)

1 tin coconut milk

2 cloves crushed garlic

2 stalks spring onion chopped

1 teaspoon dried thyme

1 teaspoon salt
sprinkling of black pepper

Soak the kidney beans in water overnight. Drain and put in a pan with the coconut milk. Do not add the salt yet. Boil on low heat for 40 minutes.

Rinse the rice thoroughly in a sieve. Add to the pan along with the other ingredients. Add water to cover the mixture plus a bit extra. Boil for another 15 to 20 minutes.

Transfer to a large bowl so that the mixture can dry out.

Serve with jerk chicken, fried plantain, Red Stripe Beer or anything else thats tasty.
You can always listen to one of my Reggae tracks at the same time.
techno geeks You seen this? 7 years ago
It's loops but not as we know it.
My Synths 7 years ago
I sold my Juno 60 about 2 years ago and make do with patches on my other keyboards. I just don't get on with software synths. Now I am really starting to miss those knobs and sliders. I want a synth for Christmas.
What do you think about fades? 7 years ago
If you loop the end of a song you can use that loop for a fadeout but you can also use it for an abrupt ending. Just crop the clip to the note or chord you want to end on then record a reverb tail for this last bit. It just does not work without a reverb tail. If necessary overdub a cymbal crash or drum fill to finish things off.
Sound Cards and Compression 7 years ago
I seem to remember the Sound Blaster PCI 128 being the first sound card I used that actually worked with music software. Latency was always the problem though and I soon switched to M-Audio and Terratec audio cards which I still use today. To me they seem quite neutral in their frequency response.
Songs everybody should have heard! 7 years ago
I come across lots of people that just don't get Funk. This is the track I would (and sometimes do) force them to listen to with the hope their lives will never be the same again.

Songs everybody should have heard! 7 years ago
Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty has to be the "The band that inspired me to want a sax on on every song" (and made me wish I could play sax).