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Hi, I have some questions regarding G'band '09 master EQing. In the AUgraphicEQ mode there is a 31 band and a 10 band EQ ranging from -20db to +20db. Do most folk use one over the other? Where do the pros here start the EQ process on a song? Do you begin the process at the bottom of each band, Hz, frequency, or whatever it's called and move up to where it sounds good or do you start at the middle, or zero on each band and then move to the best sound? Is there a template shape to go on? Bell curve or something like that? I haven't tried the 10 band yet, but the 31 band is a lot to deal with. I know it depends on style, genre and instrumentation so my questions are related to guitar driven and rock oriented music. I hope I'm making sense and I am slogging my way thru my own recording for dummies handbook. I appreciate the comments regarding this (to me) difficult mastering technique. Thanks, JB
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@ BigJim:

This is something that you def will get all kinds of comments and opinions about. Including many from even me.

So, what I'd recommend is that you hang out and "experiment heavily" with any EQ pre-sets within your GB DAW Host App. Don't worry about all the technical terms and numbers. Just trust your eyes to read them and your ears to verify results.

In my opinion, that's not only the best way to learn VST EQing and what it really does, it's also the only way (despite what anybody else may tell you about this subject).

Here's a very good link study article by "tweakheadzlab" that should encourage and inspire a lot of newbies and pro's alike.

Personally, I feel that the author tries to use a little too much “humor” in some places for my taste. But, in essence, he ends up showing (in simple terms visually) that he knows what he’s talking about. Be sure to also check out all additional study links he recommends throughout and at the end of this article:


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You can adjust more than one slider at a time which can make working with the 31 band EQ a little easier....

Click just to the side of a slider, so the value doesn't change but it gets selected, and hold and drag the selection out to include the sliders you want.

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@Lurker: I've noticed that, but hadn't figured it out until you remarked on it! Thanks
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The answer is there is no answer...... The only way to
get comfortable is by experimentation .....
Eventually you'll find what works for you....
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I was afraid THAT answer would surface as the truth.
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