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Hi people!

I'm trying to take my uke playing to more than just strumming.

Tabs have been around for centuries, so props to whoever came up with them. But I'm confused.

I found an online tutorial for beginner finger picking.

The Tutorial instructs you to move from A7, D7, & E7 chords while practicing their recommend picking pattern. They also provide a tab to show the picking pattern.

Question #1:
If I already know how to play these chords, why do I need to use a tab?

When should tabs be used as a source of info? Do I need them?

If I can play the picking pattern and play the chords, why do I need the tab showing the string picking progression and the string? Isn't that what a chord is?

Question #2:
How can I figure out simple riffs that move between chords? A walk up or down to a chord. Or some cool transition for a key change?

Question #3:
Have you ever seen a tab site that clearly indicate chords AND individual finger placement for riffs?

Question #4:

What sites do you recommend I check out?

Thanks for your suggestions and assistance!

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Try Google:
uke fingerpicking

uke fingerpicking riffs basics
and below the last pic--common uke techniques
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Thanks for your suggestions Gents.

I found a great book/video on amazon I'll check out.

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