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Released: Nov 2, 2009 | 6:14 PM
Category: Jazz
Application: [unknown]
Loop Use: Only loops

File Type: .m4a (AAC)
File Size: 6.13 MB

Plays: 762
Downloads: 3
Weekly Plays: 8
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Monday

License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
Melting pot drum group

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Soundhound Listener

Soundhound's artist icon
That Timba drum on the right has a buzz, but
tuned close to perfect......
Your massage vocally has a very truthful point
that many over look....
Well done, Well played, Well said........
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8 years ago
JustAddWater Artist Wow, the sound is superb! I'm playing this song again. And the message is something everyone needs to hear.
I agree with Soundhound... "Well done, well played, well said"
Latest Song: Moose Hunter (Take 1)
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8 years ago
MellyOmaticz Listener

MellyOmaticz's artist icon
As a pro percussionist I am a fan. Great job.
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8 years ago
Telemetry Artist

Telemetry's artist icon
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23 days ago

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