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album art Save It For Later (cover) by The [English] Beat
by Citizencal2

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Released: Jan 14, 2010 | 12:47 PM
Category: Pop
Application: Logic Express
Loop Use: Some loops

File Type: .mp3 [use AAC]
File Size: 5.21 MB

Plays: 3581
Downloads: 3
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License: No derivative works allowed
I've apparently caught the Cover Bug! After "Heroes," I knew I wanted to attempt another cover, and then Save It For Later played on the radio and I thought, "Bingo!" This song has always been a favorite of mine. It's a great track about the masturbatory advice everyone is willing to give you as an adolescent that turns out not to be true in adulthood. The catch phrase, "save it for later," was just a dirty joke initially. Singer/songwriter Dave Wakeling stated he thought it was hilarious that he could embed the word, "fellator," into a song, and everyone would be singing along! I find that quite amusing as well. I tried to stay true to the original Ska sound, while still giving it my own spin. Initially, I mapped out the track using Wood Marimba and Steel Drum (for the West Indies) and then began to fill out the arrangement, while stripping away some of the Marimba, etc. All the favorite instrumental hooks were distilled to remind the listener of the original track without copying it. This song was so much fun to cover, it's no wonder so many people, including Pete Townsend, and Pearl Jam, have had their versions. I hope you will enjoy mine.



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Little_Hooligan Listener Hey Citi- This is one of those songs we don't hear often enough so I was very glad to hear this from you and I found your arrangement very impressive- Good work on the backing vocals too.. I wasn't aware of the background info on the song.. nor was I aware that Pete Townsend covered it but I can hear that in your vocals! I especially liked the panning of the percussion.
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8 years ago
C_Man Artist

C_Man's artist icon
nothing wrong with getting bit by the bug. in fact, we should be thankful for that. great piece of work here. excellent re-imagining of the composition.
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8 years ago
telecaster29 Artist

telecaster29's artist icon
i saw the beat in cardiff last month and they were as wonderful as ever, really uplifting. this is their best song and you do it justice with a few twists and crawls of your own. i was thinking of doing an acoustic cover of this myself - i'll come to a decision on it!
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8 years ago
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robby_reverb Artist

robby_reverb's artist icon
dude! we gotta hang out! this is my FAVE English Beat song & I love the instrumentation & unique melody you put together - but I mostly like your vocals - this is uber kewl!!! Dig this big time!! smileyRob B-) - love that synth solo too - wow wow!
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8 years ago
Sloparts Artist

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Well, first off, I've never heard this song before, so I can't speak to whether it's a copy of the original or not. But after reading Robby's comments, I'll assume you took it in your own direction.

Whatever you did, you did it well. Nice easy rhythm section, and some really good synth work for sure.
Vocals and you voice is just plain working my friend. Ya done good Citi.

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8 years ago
etgilles Artist

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So great!!!!!

I am so happy you are suffering from the cover bug.

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8 years ago

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