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album art another one for JazzOne No.2 remix
by woodguy32

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Released: Apr 10, 2005 | 1:50 AM
Category: Hip Hop/Rap
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File Type: .mp3
File Size: 6.32 MB

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I am in unknown territory here..but I taking an interest in the underground hiphop world here on iComp... so I thought I try .. MuzAc meets
surf hop.. had to get the my guitar in there somewhere one blip.. lol
No synths.. and mod bass
first version.. so I dig this one...but hey I know nothing about hiphop.. or music.. for I make MuZac

wack and hack and maybe something will come of it..

JazzOne and studio 915

the hiphop artist here are a close group who work with each other and express how they feel about one anothers work..something everyone here should check out..

wait until you hear Lilichi's Quien te crees?" it is awesome...


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JazzOne Artist

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Ya, it looks like you implemented some of my suggestions. This mix is much cleaner, easier to layer some vocals over it. My only comment at this point is, there is one point where the beat almost seems to drop. I'm sure it was intentional, but it sounds like a mistake. I would change that part a little. Either make it more obivous you are trying to drop the rhythm, or just let the rhythm play through.

Much improved, though. I usually don't like acoustic bass sounds in hip hop, but you pulled it off here. The bassline is clean enough so that it doesn't sound muddy. That's the problem I have with acoustic bass sounds, but you seem to have found a bass sound with a sharper attack than I have found, so it works.
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12 years ago

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