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album art another one for JazzOne No.4
by woodguy32

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Released: Apr 11, 2005 | 1:24 AM
Category: Hip Hop/Rap
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File Type: .mp3
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Dark HipHop..hmm, well a woodguy spin on it.. Jazz wants me to upload them on here .. ya go..
I am in unknown territory here..but I taking an interest in the underground hiphop world here on iComp... so I thought I try .. MuzAc meets
check out this smooth

wack and hack and maybe something will come of it..

JazzOne and studio 915

the hiphop artist here are a close group who work with each other and express how they feel about one anothers work..something everyone here should check out..

You Got to you hear Lilichi's "Talking to the Son of the Beast" it is Too Sexy for ones ears..


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dappadon Artist

dappadon's artist icon
this is o.k.considerin most beats toay have about as much instuments in them.Perhaps vocals are needed....
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12 years ago
woodguy32 Artist

woodguy32's artist icon
dappadon.. this was just posted so JazzOne can grab it and studio 915 can do there thing..My MuZac is well very different to say the least..

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12 years ago
JazzOne Artist

JazzOne's artist icon
Yo Dappa, I am responsible for this! I told WoodGuy to make his hip hop beats a little less heavy on the instrumentation and to slow them down. At least he takes advice well! You may have overshot a bit, Woodguy. The tempo is nice, and I like the beat, but try a little more melody now! Hahaha, I'm not trying to be picky, just telling you what I hear. I'm still working on some lyrics, but it's not easy because I am really more of a financial manager for Studio 915 than an artist. I don't have a lot to do with our musical content. Nonetheless, as soon as I have some lyrics written, I'll step in the booth and drop it for ya!

Thanks for the beats and e-mails. Hope to work with you on that sample beat soon. Peace. I speak for my entire organization when I say that we appreciate your interest and your musical enthusiasm. Please keep listening and posting!
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12 years ago

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