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album art Whad'ya Gonna Call It? (Needs vocals)
by dbailey

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Released: Jul 20, 2010 | 10:21 PM
Category: Rock
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: Some loops

File Type: .mp3 [use AAC]
File Size: 3.1 MB

Plays: 1359
Downloads: 10
Weekly Plays: 4
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Tuesday

License: Derivative works allowed on iCompositions only; contact artist for permission
It's been awhile since I spent any time here on iCompositions, and after suddenly I realized that I missed it!

In the spirit of collaboration and what this site is all about, here's a fun bayou-type rock song that needs vocals and a title. Maybe even a guitar solo as well!

Feel free to download the song, give it some words and whatever else you think it needs, and bring this thing to life!

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Xolv Artist

Xolv's artist icon
Great drive. Very well made .Super sound and recording.
Latest Song: Blue Diamond
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7 years ago
Vixen Artist

Vixen's artist icon
well I call it cool smiley as to whether I have what it takes to write and sing something suitable remains to be seen
Latest Song: Willow Weep for Me
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7 years ago
jkane Artist

jkane's artist icon
Indeed, it's been a long time. Great playing, sir. Welcome back!
Latest Song: Existential
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7 years ago
guitardogcar Artist

guitardogcar's artist icon
Driving. Good progressions.

Excellent full sound.

Latest Song: without any lines
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7 years ago
8MonthMalfunction Artist

8MonthMalfunction's artist icon
Great to see you back on iComp Dan!

Really loving this, very happy and upbeat, great vibe.

I might just download this and have a play!
Latest Song: What's A Man To Do?
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7 years ago
dbailey Artist

dbailey's artist icon
I'd love it if you put your own touch on it, Ian!
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7 years ago
Cinderella Artist

Cinderella's artist icon
"Stoked" I came across this! .....I would be super duper thrilled to add vocals to this "great" music track....a moment after it started, I knew right away I wanted to work with it. .....Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so! smiley ~ Cindy
Last edited by Cinderella, 9 months ago.
Latest Song: Come To The Light Collab
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9 months ago
khu Artist

khu's artist icon
Hot cool Song , Great Drive !!
Latest Song: Is our love strong
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7 months ago

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