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Released: Oct 20, 2011 | 5:38 PM
Category: Electronica
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 7.61 MB

Plays: 771
Downloads: 6
Weekly Plays: 1
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Thursday

License: No derivative works allowed
It is hard to tell what kind of music this is. It has a hard slow metallic beat. It uses symphonic classical instruments and male and female choirs mixed with very electronic sounding instruments. It is ambient. It is classical. It is big sound but with a relaxing mood.
One gave the comment that it music of the Vangelis music tradition. That is a good description. It sounds like some of this later live performances where he used a real orchestra to back him up with choir and strings etc.

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pharmakeus Artist

pharmakeus's artist icon
Nice track. Cool sounds and arrangement
This music is electronica in the tradition of composers like Vangelis, imho smiley
Latest Song: Skinning the Skunk Collab
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6 years ago
KennethLavrsen Artist

KennethLavrsen's artist icon
Vangelis. Yes it sounds a bit like the work he has done live lately where he also uses choir and strings etc.
I reclassified it from Ambient to electronica with the classical as a secondary classification.
I intended to make the track not just electronic but also something that could be played live with a classical orchestra, male and female choirs, and a couple of guys with synths.

Happy you liked it. And thanks for the kind words.
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6 years ago
AuDioChosis Artist

AuDioChosis's artist icon

Nice work.
Latest Song: 13 Gray Voices
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6 years ago
JoshuaGoymer Listener

JoshuaGoymer's artist icon
hey there thank you for your comment, it was very lovely of you, this music is very rich, its like multilple layers of soft blankets that stroke the soul, the beat reminds me of homogenic by bjork, are you a fan?
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5 years ago

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