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Buzz (instrumental)
by theseedsofautumn

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Released: Nov 1, 2011 | 3:15 AM
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Rock oriented electronica. Guitars, synth, drums... and a harp solo. And driving. Please vote for my song in the catapult song contest if u like it. Details:
1. Go to from your Facebook and "like" their page
2. Click on "Songs and Voting" then click on "Live Songs and Voting"
3. Search for my band name The Seeds of Autumn or search for the song title Buzz

There is an HD version of this vid on youtube.
4. Then when you find it, select the song and click "I vote for this song"
5. After you've voted you'll also be able to invite all your friends to vote for my song too!
6. And if you're in the mood for some serious supporting, you could post a link on your Facebook wall or any other social media site you're a member of.

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