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Tradewind Island
by JoelIrwin

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Released: Mar 30, 2012 | 1:14 PM
Category: Jazz
Application: [unknown]
Loop Use: Only loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 8.67 MB

Plays: 558
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Weekly Plays: 1
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Friday

License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
This is the second of a series of three pieces I wrote for the Houston Community College Spring Branch Jazz improvisation classes. The performers merely get a traditional 'lead sheet' which includes just melody and chords (and not formal sheet music arrangement to tell them what to play).

This is the Monday night intermediate improvisation class which 'read it' for the first time that night (this is their second try) - March 26, 2012.

Playing that night was a rhythm section (drums, piano, guitar, bass, and vibraphone) and the two soloists were trombone and cello (both low note instruments).

This is the audio track taken off the video that was shot (originally in Dolby 5.1 surround).

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