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Standing Outside Redux
by jobu and DanAnthony-deactivated

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Released: May 30, 2012 | 7:12 AM
Category: Pop
Application: Sonar
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 6.9 MB

Plays: 716
Downloads: 4
Weekly Plays: 1
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Wednesday

License: No derivative works allowed
I finally got around to recording a proper version of this very old song of mine. You can hear the demo version from WAY back on my artist page. I think it's from 2004. My song, bass, keys, and vocals...Dan helped a lot with the bridge and played all guitars. Brian Fullen on drums. Pre-Master. Thanks for listening.

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DanAnthony-deactivated Listener

DanAnthony-deactivated's artist icon
This song drew me in from the get go. Great melody and groove, and a strong message. Brian killed on Drums and Percussion, and your bass line is spot on. It was an honor to work on this with you.

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5 years ago
pete Artist

pete's artist icon
Yup, remember the original well, it's an often reoccurring tune on my iTunes play list.
Now, generally I always like a "first" version more because of it's raw, original emotion that is rarely captured or improved on in a second, third, fourth, etc.. version. This however, imo, has all of that and more! I like what you did in the bridge, however do like the breathing space the original has too.
the instrumentation is much more full and I can key in on each instrument clearly, yet they meld so well in the mix and performance.

Super job on this, the two of you, a good pair indeed!
- pete

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5 years ago
KennethLavrsen Artist

KennethLavrsen's artist icon
Wonderful welwritten song.

Wow the arrangement of this track is outstanding. All instruments well balanced and clean. And well played, everything. And such nice vocals also.
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5 years ago
maestrodog Artist

maestrodog's artist icon
Nice song and production. Great vocals and guitars, and the overall band sound is sweet. I dig the bass line, which is fairly busy, but supporting the song perfectly. The drummer is right in the pocket and accenting where appropriate. Really great mix here!
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5 years ago

SISTERS's artist icon
beautiful progressions!
rich guitar work is captivating.
bridge was really interesting - excellent development.
super vocals - your harmony is great, especially at bridge.
solid percussion - wonderful groove.
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5 years ago
BigDaddyCee Artist

BigDaddyCee's artist icon
Very impressive production......first time I've listened to your stuff Jobu....glad to hear such a well written arranged and performed piece.....thanks to my collab buddy Dan for hipping me to this track.....

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5 years ago
RedthruNthru Artist

RedthruNthru's artist icon
I'm so glad a little birdie brought this song to my attention this morning... smiley It's Beautiful!!!

I've listened to this at least a dozen times today...each time I listen I have a new favorite part of the song..

Boys I think you have a winner! smiley

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5 years ago
TomDevine Listener

TomDevine's artist icon
Very excellent work!
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5 years ago
DaveM Artist

DaveM's artist icon
Love this song ... I downloaded it way back, still gets played.
Latest Song: Seven Deadly Sins
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3 years ago

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