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Glass flowers
by alanatomic and Blacklilyorchard

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Released: Jun 13, 2013 | 6:07 AM
Category: Music Videos
Application: Ableton Live
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mov
File Size: 28.73 MB

Plays: 618
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License: Derivative works allowed on iCompositions only; contact artist for permission
Blacklilyorchard circa 2010
experiment in Ableton Live. No loops apart from the ones i created myself. Song was done on the fly using Live and the Touch-able app for the iPod (works like the apc 40 only way fn cooler) This file may disappear off this site. wanted to make something light and fluffy.

Just found the video I made in 2011, today.
Here it is.

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Chromatic Listener

Chromatic's artist icon
Tom your work is always very good. I like the video concept you added. here the mix is Suburb. This song you did has an nice flavor. See what happens when you take them out of the garage and show them. people can enjoy them. Very nice music. Wayne
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4 years ago
Blacklilyorchard Artist

Blacklilyorchard's artist icon
thanks for the video Tom It was nice of you to do that for me.
Latest Song: Frav 3.0
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4 years ago

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