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album art Beneath the Snow: A Brumal Suite
by herrsolera

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Released: Dec 19, 2013 | 5:14 PM
Category: Classical
Application: GarageBand
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 26.78 MB

Plays: 1026
Downloads: 13
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License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
i. The Gathering
ii. Memory Box
iii. Woodland Catharsis
iv. Release

This was originally intended to be a Christmas song in the same vein as my previous traditional medleys. It was going to be completely new material played by orchestral instruments and a galloping metal beat, strings alongside harmonized guitars, French horns beneath a pounding drum kit. However, as I continued composing, I found myself completely eschewing the metal component and sticking completely with the orchestral arrangements.

In all of my recent songs, the orchestra has been very present but I’ve never given it sustained attention. Given how easily the guitars fill the spectrum of sound, I was never tasked with the arduous task of truly fleshing out a melody or a movement purely with a symphony orchestra. As the movements piled on, it became clear that the metal was not going to make an appearance. In that respect, this song was a first for me and I hope I didn’t miss the mark.

What’s odd is, I actually tried a few times to incorporate it and cringed at how it sounded. While I haven’t confirmed that this avoidance is another sign of aging, I enjoy what I ultimately put together, all 15 minutes of it. After all, I didn’t release anything last December, so the length of this piece should hopefully make up for the dearth of new material.

So here it is, the longest song I have ever written, the intersection of many interests and an ode to several specific artists. As noted above, it is comprised of four discrete movements. Given its length, I wouldn’t be surprised if many are turned off and leave for something else. But I think I’ve added enough variety to justify the prolonged stay. It might be a bit bass-heavy on some listening configurations - I'll task you to figure out how it best sounds.

Thanks for listening. This has been (and hopefully always will be) very fun.


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soulima Artist

soulima's artist icon
Very nice, Dan. I listened to all of it. Even though it has not 'metal', it still has a 'sturm und drang' quality to it in places, and celtic feel in others. Nicely melodic, and your progressions work nicely. You 'do' Classical genre music well!
Latest Song: Barcarolle
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4 years ago

KCsGROOVE's artist icon
usually you don't run away for big projects smiley
man, this is great.. I hear the amount of work that you put into this
I'm impressed
Gonna download, have to listen more to this piece
It was worth the wait smiley
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4 years ago
ShadowofNine Artist

ShadowofNine's artist icon
I've been waiting for you, and while I miss the metal component I must say this is exquisite a delightful listen and download, I will derive many moments of pleasure from it... smiley
Latest Song: Away From You 2
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4 years ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
I must admit, even though you'd been going through a period of musical absence, I was still quite dismayed when no Christmas medley appeared last year, and I'd resigned myself not to expect one this year. So it was a very pleasant surprise indeed to find that you'd been writing again, and an original tune is in many ways even more interesting.

In some ways it feels as though this is something your work has been leading up to over the years. There are lots of 'herrsolera signatures' in the piece (including some nice Celtic touches, which it's a true pleasure to hear), and it hangs together so naturally that if this were the first piece of yours I'd heard and someone told me 'Oh, he's that metal guy' I'd be pretty stunned.

I'm also impressed, as usual, with the richness of sound that you're able to create with GarageBand instruments. The piano in particular -- I've never much cared for the stock GarageBand piano sounds, but there are significant sections here where it sounds absolutely great to me. (Given that I mostly play piano these days, I'm more attuned to the instrument than I used to be, and I have stronger opinions about what sounds pleasing. Great job here.)

When writing an extended piece (anything above five minutes, certainly above ten), dynamics are really important to keep things sounding fresh and interesting, particularly with orchestral music. Perhaps they're overly important to me -- people tell me that I switch things up too often -- but I love the sense of going on a journey that I get from a long piece of music with plenty of dynamic variation and not too much repetition. I guess that, knowing my musical preferences as you do, you wouldn't have expected me to be in the category of folks put off by the length, but in any case you can rest assured that I was hanging on every note until the very end.

Particular favourite sections include the music box section at 7:31 (which reminds me of nothing so much as the intro to Hallowed Be Thy Name by The Great Maiden), the piano section at 10:14 (which feels like something I'd love to have written myself), a Celtic-sounding section that I can't find just at the moment (and I'm about to run out of commenting time, unfortunately) and the blazing piano riff at 3:27 (which sounds like one of Einaudi's more dramatic moments). I'd be interested to hear about the influences that went into it.

Bravo, sir.

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4 years ago
Trannyman Listener

Trannyman's artist icon
In not so many words... GREAT JOB!!!!
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4 years ago

ANOMALISTUDIOS's artist icon
This needs to be in somebody's big box office movie. This was one seriously epic project. good job...
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3 years ago

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