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The Electro-Scope SK1... insane fun
by woodguy32



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Released: Jul 8, 2014 | 5:36 PM
Category: Setups

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The SK1 Electro-Scope.. just one of my Crazy Circuit Bent builds..this thing is Insane..I got a bunch of these wacky fun builds..

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vaporman Moderator

vaporman's artist icon
I am really glad you use your genius for good! Everything you make is awesome!
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3 years ago
Baboon Artist

Baboon's artist icon
Classic! Looks like the old Moogs from the late '60's smiley...or a telephone switchboard from same said era hahaha
Latest Song: Without Me Collab
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2 years ago
woodman7 Listener

woodman7's artist icon
I feel like I am intruding....
But How Are You?

Looks like your creative juices are flowing.

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2 years ago

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