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Released: Nov 30, 2014 | 9:54 AM
Category: Classical
Application: ProTools
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 13.07 MB

Plays: 507
Downloads: 1
Weekly Plays: 3
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Sunday

License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
I'm a sucker for soccer. A few years back my team stood at the edge of bankruptcy and I realized what a tremendous loss it would be for me personally if the team would vanish from this earth. So in a strong sense of sadness and pure desperation I composed this piece.

Flute, violin, cello and piano.

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soulima Artist

soulima's artist icon
Atonal? Serial? Aleatoric? What system do you use to make these gorgeous sororities and harmonic clusters?
Latest Song: Barcarolle
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3 years ago
MrBajen Artist

MrBajen's artist icon
In this case, pure improvisation.
Latest Song: Requiem
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3 years ago

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