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Released: May 18, 2015 | 3:05 PM
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Me and a Japanese percussionist have recently started a duo. This is our first co-composition.

Mika Takehara - marimba
Me - electronics

The title is a transposition (not translation) from a Japanese word which I have absolutely no clue the meaning of.

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JeffMcCaskill Artist

JeffMcCaskill's artist icon
Haunting and compelling composition. Really enjoyed the scenes showing her playing the marimba. Such an intriguing instrument. Great synthesis between your digital work and her analog passages. Really enjoyed it. Would suggest editing out the last few seconds of the video, though, as it takes the viewer/listener out of the wonderful soundspace created. Otherwise, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

Latest Song: Love Lies Waiting
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2 years ago
MrBajen Artist

MrBajen's artist icon
Thank for commenting Jeff! You are right about the end, I will do a new cut.
Latest Song: Requiem
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2 years ago

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