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Pond without Fish
by chrstphre

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Released: Feb 28, 2017 | 9:48 PM
Category: World
Application: GarageBand
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .m4a (AAC)
File Size: 3.38 MB

Plays: 249
Downloads: 0
Weekly Plays: 0
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Tuesday

License: Non-commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
First Composition with my iPad and Garageband:
Intended to see if i could move it from the iPad to the Macbook and Then to iCompositions !

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Larzman2 Artist Hey chrstphre that is a nice composition... very Japanese. It's a beautiful enough pond without fish. I wish they made Garageband for PC and gave it away for free...welcome aboard if this is your first. Looking forward to the next.
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5 months ago
Larzman2 Artist Okay, I just went to your profile and read that this was not your first. Anyway I am the Poet Laureate for my city of Owen Sound here in Canada. I would love to take your Bio and set it to music and do it spoken word in my very best Tom Waitsish voice...If I did it justice, I would likely perform it live in some poetry event I will be roped into in this my final year...what say ye?
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5 months ago
falconep Artist

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Glad you succeeded. Thanks - Phil
Latest Song: Same Time Next Week
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5 months ago

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