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album art Revel (VIMH)
by becwil

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Released: Mar 18, 2017 | 5:51 PM
Category: Rock
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3 [use AAC]
File Size: 6.04 MB

Plays: 235
Downloads: 2
Weekly Plays: 35
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Statistic reset day: Saturday

License: No derivative works allowed
The 4th of a series called Voices In My Head.

I'm exploring EastWest’s Voices of Passion, which is a package of 5 different cultural singers. Each singer is recorded singing hundreds of sounds of various notes. There are not words or phrases, though there are sometimes combinations of simplistic syllables or sounds. It's my understanding that the package isn't as much about making words as about being able to create feelings, melodies, harmonies, and soundscapes.

The Play engine that interfaces with Logic utilizes the lower keys of the keyboard to trigger the different inflections of a specific sound when the desired note is played in the voices' scale. In other words, for each left hand key played, there are many variations available for that note/sound with the right hand keys. So, it isn't a matter of cutting up samples in the usual sense. It's a matter of using the keyboard to "play" the singer's individual sounds into being whatever you want it to be. I do this all in the MIDI edit field of Logic. It is a fascinating process.

Comment and critique welcomed.

Disclaimer: Any intelligible words, in any language, is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Music & Art: © 2017 Dragonhouse Studios.
All rights reserved.

Other releases of Voices In My Head:
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2. Enigma
3. In The Rain

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falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Glad to hear the voices being used as instruments with their own characteristics. Thanks - Phil
Latest Song: Gone For Now
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10 days ago

KCsGROOVE's artist icon
A cool experiment, Becky!
voices flow into different sounds and back, really good
all carried by that staccato bassline
enjoyed it!
Latest Song: BACK TO NATURE (#2) Collab
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
10 days ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
Interesting project. The first part of the piece made me think of some of Lisa Gerard's work with Dead Can Dance - that idea of the 'voice as an instrument' rather than a 'voice' in the conventional way.
Latest Song: I Giorni (cover)
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
10 days ago
RubyDubidoux Moderator

RubyDubidoux's artist icon

Amazing, that first note just grabs you! What a fascinating project! I love where you take this!

It's fully packed and very exciting to be working in this format!

Congrats!! You're creating great projects!

Elaine...gee the vocal/instruments are really amazing!
Latest Song: Muskrat Love
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10 days ago
thebenteights Artist

thebenteights's artist icon
Really cool stuff. I have this library but have not played with it too much. Heavyocity has a new voices library too that is interesting.
Latest Song: Heads or Tails
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
9 days ago
grathy Artist

grathy's artist icon
Wonderful, and great graphic for the song also!
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
9 days ago
BigJimSlade Artist

BigJimSlade's artist icon
Outstanding music and superb creativity with this project! Great listen!
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
9 days ago
brassgospelguy Artist

brassgospelguy's artist icon
Awesome vocals. Enjoyed the outside the box sounds. Enjoyed
Latest Song: Sweet Sunday Morning
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
9 days ago
| via iPhone
FreeEarCandy Artist

FreeEarCandy's artist icon
I really don't know what you have at hand, but it would be interesting if you could put together a PF cover of the vocal in the tune "Great Gig In The Sky", which is wordless voices. I can hear how this application could/would be perfectly suited for the cover tune mentioned.

Nice work here!

Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
9 days ago
kvcc Artist

kvcc's artist icon
Another interesting creation! You have mixed this well, in headphones it sounds perfect and balanced. Nice work!
Latest Song: When You Were Young
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5 days ago
Deloris_Delaney Artist

Deloris_Delaney's artist icon
Wow love this. !!!!! got me moving. love those voices fit like a glove to my hearing. Great mix of delight. Feast for my ears . Thank you smiley
Last edited by Deloris_Delaney, 3 days ago.
Latest Song: A Quite Night
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
3 days ago
ShadowofNine Artist

ShadowofNine's artist icon
I use voices of passion often fine samples and very usable...well done Bec I enjoyed this
Latest Song: Theme to Live by
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
13 hours ago
tonestones Artist

tonestones's artist icon
I like the mix. The interaction between the voices and guitar is very cool. Very nice.
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
11 hours ago

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