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album art Stagger Lee
by zincshed

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Released: Mar 20, 2017 | 1:52 PM
Category: Blues
Application: Sonar
Loop Use: No loops

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Stagger Lee

Harmonica - George Dunseth
Piano, Vocals, Drum & Bass Programming - Roger Foster

When my friend George said he was putting together a Blues set and wanted some vocal numbers, I was drafted in to play keyboards and sing at least one song. The last time I sang on stage I was in my teens and there are good reasons for that................

Along with Drums, Bass, and Guitar the lineup for the gig included George (Sax/Harmonica/Vocals) and myself. This recording is a rehearsal track with new overdubs for vocals, harmonica and piano............

Stagger Lee is based on a true story but over time it has become part of American folklore and the songs and legends that followed do not really reflect the facts.
We hope you enjoy this version.

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falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
A nice cover. Thanks - Phil
Latest Song: Just By Chance
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5 days ago
RubyDubidoux Moderator

RubyDubidoux's artist icon
I think somewhere in my past this song worked its way to my ears via 8 track!

Who wouldn't do a stroll with a beer in one hand and the other wrapped around a partner!

I liked it!

Elaine smiley
Latest Song: Muskrat Love
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4 days ago
Telemetry Artist

Telemetry's artist icon
Great job. smiley
Latest Song: Blue Groove 2 plus
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4 days ago
Cinderella Artist

Cinderella's artist icon
Oh the Blues! .....That Harp in there sounds SO GOOOOD!

You vocals sound darn fine to me....and your keyboard playing was wonderful.

I thoroughly enjoyed this! ~ Cindy
Latest Song: What A Woman Wants Collab
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3 days ago
Xolv Artist

Xolv's artist icon
Cool + Sounds real good.
You should sing more on recording tracks
You did not mention the guitar and the track?
It sounded great - except the two first chord strokes
those also made me think it was created by a synth, but if the rest was, it would be fantastic, in any case it sounded very good.

Thanks for sharing

Latest Song: Water Lillies
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2 days ago
zincshed Artist

zincshed's artist icon
@falconep @RubyDubidoux @Telemetry @Cinderella thanks for your comments @Xolv yes the guitar is Roland patch.
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1 day ago

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