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album art MUCH LIKE ME (Live Street Top Version)
by seany_ryan

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Released: Mar 25, 2017 | 12:39 AM
Category: Other
Application: GarageBand
Loop Use: Only loops

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Live Version

Much Like Me you make your way forward
Walking with down turned eyes
I too keep mine lowered
Passer by, stop, here please

Read when you've picked up your nosegay
Of hen-bane and poppy flowers
That I was once called Marina
And discovered how old I was

Don't think that there is any grave here
Or that I've come to throw you out
I myself was too much given
To laughing when one ought not

Blood hurtled towards my complexion
My curls wound in flourishes
I was a passer by, I existed
Passer by, stop here please

Pluck a steam of wilderness
The fruit that comes with its fall
It's true that graveyard stawberries
Are the biggest and sweetest of all

All I care is that you don't stand there
Dolefully hanging your head
Easily about me remember
Easily about me forget

How rays of pure like suffuse you
A golden dust wraps you round
And don't let it confuse you
My voice from the undergroud

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becwil Moderator

becwil's artist icon
A beautiful poem. Well put to music. Your presentation is intriguing.

I'm thinking I'd like to hear your presentation be a bit smoother with a tad less dramatic flair. The story is strong in itself. I felt some insincerity creep in when you pressed the drama too far.

Did you mean to skip the 5th verse?
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1 year ago
seany_ryan Artist

seany_ryan's artist icon
Hi becwil,

Thanks for the great critique! I'm glad you know of Marina Tsvetaeva. While I enjoyed the emotion it's great you have your own feel and response on the material. I did leave the 5th section out but that is a me thing. It is hard to find well translated Russian Poetry; big time when it comes to Marina. I applied it to my life and my own emotions so in a way it is not "too much drama" or "insincere"; as it is my own reflection.

Thanks for listening and I very much appreciate your view.


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1 year ago

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