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album art Doug Imbrogno & Garagecow Ensemble - Godless Appalachian Haiku (The Flow Remix)
by Flow

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Released: Mar 27, 2017 | 2:40 PM
Category: Folk
Application: Ableton Live
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 14.34 MB

Plays: 260
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With great excitement I am pleased to announce the release of Album 7! After turning 27, this body of work commemorates creating music for 10 years and producing within Ableton for 7 years, and this is my 7th EP release. It has been a dream realized to share the flow with you all, and to receive love and support that lights of the fire of perpetual creativity. This album consists of 27 tracks across different genres that I like to work with: dubstep, glitch hop, trap, funk, melodic, house, downtempo, & ambient. This includes two remixes of my father Douglas Imbrogno’s music, one with him in The BrotherSisters and one with him and the Garagecow Ensemble. Dad was the original inspiration for me to become a musician and his master songwriting was the main factor I grew up around that influenced my sound. If you get the chance to see The BrotherSisters or his solo sets you are in for a real musical treat. I designed this album to be a journey to listen to from start to finish. I’m planning to work with labels following this release, so wanted to give you a big batch of tunes to enjoy! Thank you to everyone for listening to my random creations over the years, it means more to me than I can express and has constantly been the light leading the way to the next chapter. I love you, this album is for you!

Major big ups to Matt Lowe for creating the fantastic artwork for this album, he is one of my favorite artists that I’ve had the fortune of becoming friends with. Follow his page, Gurp @, to stay up to date with his recent designs, visual eye candy of the most sublime caliber. I look forward to working with Matt on future releases as well! Also I want to give a shoutout to Lancelott @ who is featured on a collab on the album, a truly talented fellow musician and friend that I’m glad to know and work with, look out for some joint festival events we are performing coming this summer!

Now for the important message of this album, the title Album 7 has meaning beyond a number. 7 represents luck, and this is paramount in the sense that I have been beyond lucky to have the friends and family that have been there through a difficult challenge. For a number of years, I’ve been dealing with a very uncomfortable health condition called CPPS, and until the past few months it was an invisible enemy affecting me. I now know what it is and have medication and have been undergoing physical therapy that greatly helps, huge thanks to Huntington Physical Therapy for their great services. This condition is a result of muscle tension in my bladder, which causes pain, discomfort, and the incessant need to go to the bathroom. This affects everything, including basic movements, lying down, and even reacts to the food and drink that I intake. I’ve had to readjust my life around this, and it hasn’t been easy, as well as making it difficult to travel and be out in public for long periods of time. This has awakened me to the temporary nature of these bodies we exist in, and subsequently the important aspect of taking care of overall health.

I say all this in relation to this album, because I frequently turn to producing music to process this challenge and make use of my energy. So I am literally eternally grateful to friends and family and people that have tuned in and listened to the work that I’ve created in this time, and that have been there to talk to and share moments with, it has kept me on the right path and focused despite this condition. You all mean the world, and have infinite potential in yourselves. If there’s anything I want to achieve while on this planet, it’s to share that love and appreciation for others. This album is for you, and the lucky truth that we are in this together!

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falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Excellent job. Your condition should remind "struggling musicians" that life is what you make it. Make it count! Definitely on my "Fave Artist" list and hoping to see more to come. Thanks - Phil
Latest Song: Quasar 2
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1 year ago
toveco Artist

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Sounds Great!

Latest Song: The One Collab
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1 year ago

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