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album art Don’t Keep Me Out (VIMH)
by becwil

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Released: Apr 14, 2017 | 5:22 PM
Category: Other
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: No loops

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File Size: 5.92 MB

Plays: 618
Downloads: 2
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The 7th of a series called Voices In My Head.

I'm exploring EastWest’s Voices of Passion, which is a package of 5 different cultural singers. Each singer is recorded singing hundreds of sounds, in differing inflections, of various notes. It's my understanding that the package isn't as much about making words as about being able to create feelings, melodies, harmonies, and soundscapes.

The Play engine that interfaces with Logic utilizes the lower keys of the keyboard to trigger the different inflections of a specific sound when the desired note is played in the voices' scale. In other words, for each left hand trigger, there are many variations available for a note/sound with the right hand keys. I do this all in the MIDI edit field of Logic. It is a fascinating process.

Comment and critique welcomed.

Disclaimer: Any intelligible words, in any language, is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Music & Art: © 2017 Dragonhouse Studios.
All rights reserved.

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tomdevine Artist

tomdevine's artist icon
Amazing sounds and quite a cool composition- film soundtrack material for sure.
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11 months ago
Deebeesea Artist

Deebeesea's artist icon
Quite special effects I must say very intriging ...bravo dbc
Last edited by Deebeesea, 11 months ago.
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
11 months ago
falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Interesting piece. Thanks - Phil
Latest Song: Enchanted Pathway
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
11 months ago
yellowalbum Artist

yellowalbum's artist icon
I agree with Tom, could be an excellent soundtrack. I really enjoyed this piece.
Latest Song: ShowMeTheSky
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
11 months ago

KCsGROOVE's artist icon
this sounds really great on headphones, Becky
unique stuff
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
11 months ago
grathy Artist

grathy's artist icon
Your talents never cease to amaze me.
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
11 months ago
BASSBOYONE Artist great listen,loved the sounds,thought conjuring powerful piece
Latest Song: TELLING ME
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11 months ago
4arms Artist

4arms's artist icon
Hi Rebecca,

I'm popping in for a quick five minutes and thought I better see what you are up to musically. The first thing that strikes me is the clarity of your sounds. They are very crisp and sit very well together. I really enjoyed that marbly sound.

The voice stuff sounds interesting and I can see how that would be a bit of fun to play with. Hopefully I can find some more time to listen to what else you have been doing.

Hope your neck of the woods is treating you well.
Latest Song: The Sun Fades Away
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
10 months ago
Komit Artist

Komit's artist icon
Very dream-like piece. The spacious noises and wordless voice sounds heighten the atmosphere. The speaking voice, however, I felt could've been woven into the mix a little better. It sounds like she's going at a slightly faster tempo than the overall groove of the song, so maybe some sample stretching could help further sew it into this meditative tapestry of music. I also like how, even though it's overall peaceful and relaxing, there is a subtle eerie undercurrent that gives the song a feeling of facing the unknown in the depths whatever, whether it be a deep cavern expedition or an introspective decent into the mind. It's cool when music is a bit emotionally ambiguous as it helps the listener carve out their own path for interpretation and develop their own closeness with the material. I'll be checking out the other songs from this series. Your approach to the project sounds really interesting and experimental.
Latest Song: The Perilous Escapade
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10 months ago
musika Artist

musika's artist icon
This is utterly cool. Really well executed — so many intriguing and unexpected sounds.

Also incredible for a MIDI performance. I know EastWest's sample library is top notch (I've only used their strings), but one still really needs to know how to work with it to not make it sound like garbage.

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10 months ago

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