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Released: Jul 11, 2017 | 6:56 AM
Category: Alternative
Application: [unknown]
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 6.87 MB

Plays: 268
Downloads: 0
Weekly Plays: 1
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Statistic reset day: Tuesday

License: No derivative works allowed
This is a song I wrote for my new band. It's a really edgy, ambient piece, and I apologise if that's not everyone's cup of tea smiley We're going to record more songs soon, but I was just interested to see what other people think of the track. Any suggestions or criticisms are appreciated. Thanks smiley
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dalerandle Artist

dalerandle's artist icon
Such a nice song. Perfect production
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7 months ago
falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Good vocal quality & playing. Couldn't make out any lyrics; but assumed that with the style. Seems more Rock (drum pattern and a chord progression), than Ambient. Reminiscent of Kansas "Dust In The Wind".
Thanks - Phil
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7 months ago
Jarek Artist Thanks for the feedback, guys! dalerandle, thank you so much for your comment! This was actually my first attempt at recording and mixing an entire song, so I'm glad to hear that it sounds good. Thank you (and yes), falconep, the lyrics are meant to be kind of obscure - a stylistic decision, as you guessed.
Last edited by Jarek, 7 months ago.
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7 months ago
becwil Moderator

becwil's artist icon
I like how the arrangement builds into a stormy moment, goes quieter, and then brings the bit of storm back for the ending. Good dynamics.

All in all, everything sounds fairly well recorded and mixed. Well done for your first full song production. My one concern, as far as mixing goes, is the kick drum, which may be a tad too loud, though I do understand that you want a punch in those parts.

I have a problem with the unintelligible lyrics. I'm of the opinion that if there are words in a song then they should be understandable, at least, most of them. Otherwise, why write them? Why keep the listener from being able to fully get your message in the song?

Last edited by becwil, 7 months ago.
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7 months ago
jkane Artist

jkane's artist icon
Welcome to iComp. The tea was just fine. I'll have another, ta very much! Anyway, I struggled a lot when I first recorded vocals but from what I've heard here, you have a good voice and through practice, you'll get the desired result. The track is very good. Becwil will always have constructive comments for you and she has moderated here for many years and I would follow her lead. So, fine start. Your band will do great things. My preference is to have lyrics and artwork posted along with the track. Best of luck!
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7 months ago
Aamp Artist

Aamp's artist icon
As soon as I read it might not be everyone's cup of tea I knew I'll probably like it but I am surprised here. The vocals are very nice and the way this builds and that 5/4 beat/strings gives chills. Nice work!
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7 months ago
w1av Artist

w1av's artist icon
I agree with 5/4 time. Just need to clean up the vocals. Bring guitar up a little more.....other than that its great sounding and original.
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5 months ago

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