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Released: Aug 8, 2017 | 5:12 PM
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In 1976 the movie "Network" displayed just how vacuous the public had become via the media. As a former member of the profession I'm sad to say it's only gotten worse.

Not since ancient Babylon has the media practiced vapid "groupthink" on such a scale rather than on the merits of objectively contrasting and comparing anything of intellectual, educational, or political importance. The Tower of Babel has become a broadcast antenna for cable & the internet.

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BlancFroid Artist

BlancFroid's artist icon
Interesting - enjoyed.

great movie too. Ned Beatty's speech is another high point.
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14 days ago
Char Artist Would've been a good soundtrack, for sure. Now, it isn't just radio, television, is Facebook and all the rest of public opinion bases. We know too much about everybody else's life. And , too many are play acting their own lives on these platforms. We are FAKE people.
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14 days ago
kira001 Artist

kira001's artist icon
Very interesting work.
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14 days ago
mre Artist

mre's artist icon
Interesting textures, I like the modal 7 approach . . .

There are still trusted reputable sources that tell it as it is, the Guardian among others. But everyone has a point of view, eh? smiley
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14 days ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
Interesting piece, Phil. I like the music, of course, but the meaning behind it resonates with me on a deeper level. It's funny how every news story I actually know something about myself is distorted and inaccurate, either subtly or significantly, and everyone I know who has had contact with the media has said the same thing - yet that's our source of 'truth'...
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14 days ago
FreeEarCandy Artist

FreeEarCandy's artist icon
The film "Network" was ahead if its time, in terms of modern day TV, etc.

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"

But I am of the opinion news papers and the such have always been corrupt throughout all of time.

Here is a guy who put together a compilation of news stories printed between the years 1915-1938. Strangely, the stories were pushing the idea of 6 million Jews being killed between the mentioned years. Of course we are all taught that Hitler was responsible for the 6 million figure. But Hitler was not even in power until 1938.

I'll share this here, but the reader has to make up their own mind. Moreover, I'm not trying to take any position on the issue. It is what it is and that is all I have to say.

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13 days ago
pharmakeus Artist

pharmakeus's artist icon
I agree with FreeEarCandy ^^^ it's got a lot worse since 76. We now live in a "post-truth" world saturated with disinfo and misinfo ... but one thing will never change: a mother will always want to know where they buried her son.

Good track. I like the heaviness. Inventive use of chatter
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13 days ago
dirigent Artist

dirigent's artist icon
WOW cool stuff - I like it a lot - what a ride
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11 days ago
tomdevine Artist

tomdevine's artist icon
Musically engrossing and an excellent message.
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11 days ago
AaronTodd Artist

AaronTodd's artist icon
Timely, and textures here provide an excellent metaphor for our babbling moment in history. Thank you for reminding me to watch Network for the hundredth time!
Last edited by AaronTodd, 9 days ago.
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9 days ago

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