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album art Funeral And Birth
by artneuro

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Released: Aug 11, 2017 | 8:47 PM
Category: Rock
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: Some loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 7.55 MB

Plays: 228
Downloads: 0
Weekly Plays: 21
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Statistic reset day: Friday

License: No derivative works allowed
Another song about people dying, but with a twist! I include the bit where people are also born into the world. Tough year for funerals for me.
I think my series of songs this year are making me face my own mortality. It s*cks to be mortal.

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jkane Artist

jkane's artist icon
I've had a similar experience with the head-on collision of mortality. There is a pensive vibe to the tracks that works nicely with the theme.
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11 days ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
In the space of two days recently I had to find something to say on a 'sorry for your loss' card and a 'congratulations on your new arrival' card. Has a way of putting things in perspective.

Lovely, heartfelt song. Thank you for sharing.
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11 days ago

KCsGROOVE's artist icon
It's hard to say goodbye to people you know...
yeah, mortality, but who wants to live forever? it is in the face of mortality that we do the things we do..
cool song!
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11 days ago
cacciamai Artist

cacciamai's artist icon
Wow dude you blu my mind. Yeah this stuff is real deep. Cool. -cacciamai-
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10 days ago
revoltington Artist

revoltington's artist icon
The keyboard synth chords are really nice here and work to full effect. Sorry for your losses lately. But, this is a good catharsis.
Last edited by revoltington, 5 days ago.
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5 days ago
artneuro Artist

artneuro's artist icon
Thanks gents. I can only say that I'm going through a phase where these things are impacting on the stuff I write, quite a lot. I hope I'm not bringing you guys down. Life, is good.
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4 days ago

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