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album art Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether
by thebenteights

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Released: Sep 7, 2017 | 2:29 PM
Category: Rock
Application: Ableton Live
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3 [use AAC]
File Size: 6.84 MB

Plays: 246
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Weekly Plays: 5
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Statistic reset day: Thursday

License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
Test upload of a project in progress. May be deleted after the full version is upped:

Yea, people here are right. My low end mixing is really wimpy. I need to be a man and boost that bass! So trying some new stuff with Adobe Audition in the final mix stage that I can't really do easily in Ableton Live here to see it helps.

About 80% finished. Vocals and lead guitar some day.

Alan Parsons Project cover

Billy Daniels - Guitars, Vocals
Smiley Adkins - Bass
Crash Curtis - Drums
Tyler Friendly - Keyboards

Slightly better mix can be found here if you are interested. Thanks, Bill.

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eagle Artist

eagle's artist icon
This feels much better with more bass.
Nice work.

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15 days ago
thebenteights Artist

thebenteights's artist icon
@eagle Took your advice. Thanks. Sometimes I think my ears are just burned out. Need a break.
Latest Song: Dolly Driver
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15 days ago
pharmakeus Artist

pharmakeus's artist icon
Remarkable, superb
Love the snappy snare, the groovy keys and gtr, the ballsy bass.
Great arrangement
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12 days ago
irok Artist

irok's artist icon
awesome! smiley
Latest Song: in dee 120
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12 days ago

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