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album art Zai Fei Xu Zhi Zhong (In the Ruins)
by PleiadianAgenda

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Released: Sep 9, 2017 | 12:01 AM
Category: Classical
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I'm working with this Malaysian choral singer, Jamie Ong, from Kuala Lumpur on a series of songs for voice and orchestra. This one here is a love song sung in Mandarin Chinese. smiley


The final version. In our session, we added harmony vocals, and beefed up the orchestration, especially in the fortissimo section. Thanks for the positive feedback on the earlier version smiley


wo sui ran bei yi qi zai fei xu zhi zhong
Even though I was casted out into the ruins, abondoned,

dan qing xing wo zi ji hai zhi dao tong
I'm glad I can still feel the pain...

有人说过: "美丽的爱就像玫瑰
you ren shuo guo:"mei li de ai jiu xiang mei gui
It has been said, "Love can be compared to roses;

you duo shao ren bei mei gui ci dao liu xie dou shuo bu tong"
How many have been pierced and hurt, but claim it wasn't painful?"

ai de xin tu a
To the believers of Love,

ruo ni zhen de xing fu le
If you are truly blessed,

zen hui san jing ban ye bu shui jiao
Why are you still lying wide awake late at night?

bian dao xing fu de ju qing
Painting the facades of happiness...

yan yi bu tong jue se de dui bai?
Playing out the different images in your mind...

yao yong shen me lai heng liang ai de jia zhi?
What do we use to measure Love's value?

bu bei ai de ai fang xian zhen gui?
Is the one who hasn't had his love reciprocated more valuable?

有人说过: "美丽的爱是场误会
you ren shuo guo: "mei li de ai shi chang wu hui
Someone once said, "Beautiful love is often a misunderstanding.

hen duo shi hou bei ni yang mu de zhi shi xu gou ren wu"
The person you adore is actually fictional characters we created in our minds"

ai de xin tu a
Believers of Love...

ru guo ni de ai dui le
If your love is right,

ta you yi ban ren mei you de neng li
They would have superpower others won't have

fa xian ni de jian qiang you feng xi
To discover the cracks embedded beneath the strong self you project

hui yong an xin tian bu shang qu
And patch it up with the peace of mind they give.

yi ge zheng chang de ren bu hui ren xin
A sane person would not bear to

rang zi ji de xin bei ai nue dai
Relinquish his heart to Love's hurt,

ai ruo dui le jiu mei you du bai:
Because when Love is right, there is no more need for monologues;

"bie huai yi"
It chases away all doubts.

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falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Turned out great. Nice arrangement, harmony vocal. Jamie's vocal was much better this time. Going BIG around 3:00 was a nice touch. Thanks - Phil
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5 months ago

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