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album art Everything is Everything
by allisonbartonrice

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Released: Sep 13, 2017 | 6:22 PM
Category: Spoken Word
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: No loops

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A telling and an interpretation of an ancient parable known as the Blind Men and an Elephant.

For more on this parable:


I hope you enjoy my telling and interpretation of this ancient parable, one way or another.

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Five blind people were stumbling along and they came upon an elephant.

The first blind person felt the elephant’s trunk and declared an elephant is like a large snake.

The second blind person felt the elephant’s ear and declared an elephant is like a leafy plant.

The third blind person felt the elephant’s leg and declared an elephant is like a large tree.

The forth blind person felt the side of the elephant and declared an elephant is like a wall.

The fifth blind person felt the tail of the elephant and declared an elephant is like a rope.

They each envisioned the elephant in a particular way based upon their individual experience. And, when they conferred amongst themselves, they each suspected the others of being dishonest and they came to blows.

In a small way, each of them was right. But, in a great way, each of them was immensely wrong.

It is not simply five blind people, but billions upon billions of humans (and, perhaps, other sentient beings) that exist, have existed, and will exist.

And, the elephant is everything. And, everything is the elephant.

Everything is Everything.

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