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album art Rocking In The Free World Acoustic-ish...
by 8MonthMalfunction and Toni1

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Released: Oct 13, 2017 | 3:17 PM
Category: Rock
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: Some loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 8.65 MB

Plays: 302
Downloads: 0
Weekly Plays: 3
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Friday

License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
A quick version of possibly the most covered song in the world, Neil Young's Rocking In The Free World...

This was originally meant to be a quick acoustic cover to test Andy's new guitar and how it sounded when recorded in different ways... But then I got carried away and added some Uke, Piano, Drums, some improvs and loads of layered vocals with Toni, then we asked the talented Paul Miro to record us the awesome baseline!

This is the result... We hope you enjoy it!

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eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
Well, the new guitar sounds good to me! smiley Love the vocal mix too - the layers give it a really full sound but it's crystal clear. Great work.
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4 months ago
FreeEarCandy Artist

FreeEarCandy's artist icon
Neil Young and more! Well done! Loved the tune, except, the new guitar doesn't sound so hot. But, as a favor to you, I'll take it off your hands for free! smiley

Nevertheless, you made that piece of junk sound pretty damn good and I wouldn't hold it against ya if you snubbed my offer.Tell Andy I feel bad for him, but its whats behind the guitar that matters more, so it is what it is. smiley

Nice work all around!
Latest Song: My Sweet Sun Shine
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4 months ago
zincshed Artist

zincshed's artist icon
Nice well balanced recording. Liked the quotes.
Latest Song: Crazy (Willie Nelson)
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4 months ago

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