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by engleman23

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Released: Dec 22, 2017 | 8:39 AM
Category: Classical
Application: ProTools
Loop Use: Only loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 3.92 MB

Plays: 387
Downloads: 1
Weekly Plays: 17
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Friday

License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
Soundtrack for a podcast, but also stands alone.

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becwil Moderator

becwil's artist icon
Lovely and thoughtful. I like how the space is full and rich without being overpacked. Very nice production.

Welcome to iCompositions. The best place in the world!

I'm sure this isn't "Only Loops". You might want to change that to No Loops. (Just click the EDIT button under the play bar.)
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4 months ago
falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Fine work. Nice staccato and pluck articulations. Merry Christmas. Thanks - Phil
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4 months ago
CausaMortis Artist

CausaMortis's artist icon
I love all the variety in this piece. It takes you to lots of different places in a relatively short period of time. In particular, I dig the quiet beginning and its occasional moments of dissonance evolving into playfulness and fantasy. This could be used in a movie/TV show or fantasy-based video game. Excellent all around -- composition, arrangement, performance, and mixing. Well done, and thank you for sharing it!
Latest Song: Control
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4 months ago
| via iPhone

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