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Released: Jan 7, 2018 | 9:15 PM
Category: Jazz
Application: [unknown]
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 4.2 MB

Plays: 298
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Weekly Plays: 9
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License: No derivative works allowed
This tune was written on the fly about a week ago when an old friend of mine, whom I used to do alot of recording with back in the late 80's to mid 90's stopped by to jam.
My friend Ray is a bass player, but not quite used to my current style of composing. So I picked some chords for the verse, Em11, Dm11 & Bm11 then another section of Em9 to Dm9....then last section of Cmaj9, Cm9 Am9 Abm9 then go to beginning. I tried to explain to him this was a series of chords to play Dorian mode over. Be he doesn't get modes (yet). The forst recording had 2 electric guitars but upon listening, I thought it was too harsh sounding. I ended up putting a Rhodes keyboard and acoustic nylon string guitar instead. I think it sounds less cluttered and classier. Anyway this is the prototype, not yet named. We are attempting to write and record a whole album as a team. Normally I work alone. But with Ray's funky bass lines and my obscure ideas, I think we can do it. Percussion was a drum machine cause years ago we'd record with one and in the spirit of the old days, I said "Let's use a drum machine" and see how good we can sound.

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KCsGROOVE's artist icon
Interesting chordschemes, Bob smiley
Always good to have a buddy with whom you can play
I dig this piece
Latest Song: THE WEIGHT Collab
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3 months ago
toveco Artist

toveco's artist icon
Ah nice sounding wonderfully played track smiley

Latest Song: Bells Collab
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3 months ago
falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Ray did fine despite not knowing modal theory. He's just got a natural ability to lay down a good foundation. Good Jazz piece. Enjoyed. Good luck on the finished product. Thanks - Phil
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3 months ago
nlsn Artist

nlsn's artist icon
Great start!!
Latest Song: Midnight Blue Collab
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3 months ago
Xolv Artist

Xolv's artist icon
Very nice. Great bass sound and playing - ditto guitar.
I guess there are many ways to approach modal playing
Latest Song: Never Mind
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3 months ago

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