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album art Betty's Bungalow (She's Our GG)
by mre

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Released: Jan 17, 2018 | 12:16 AM
Category: Latin
Application: GarageBand
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“Look after each other!” ~ Beryl Edwards

This song, named after the first house our family lived in, is a tribute to my mum, Beryl (Betty, GG), who left us in December. It tells the story of her life in broad strokes and will be the soundtrack for her memorial slide show by my brother Geoff.
My mum was ever supportive of my efforts in music, buying me my first guitar, my first percussion (bongos) and transporting the school’s double bass so i could practise at home. The song backing suggests happy times on holiday in Hawaii and Mexico. Photo by my dad, Roy.

mre plays: cowbell, clave, guitar, ‘ukulele, brushes, cabassa, shaker, bass, voice

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falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Thanks - Phil
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1 month ago
gold6821 Artist You've definitely got a nice Stan Getz feel to this.
Latest Song: Simple Morning
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1 month ago
pharmakeus Artist

pharmakeus's artist icon
Sorry for your loss
Nice bossa
Latest Song: Koala Dose Collab
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1 month ago
Morris Artist

Morris's artist icon
excellent bossa nova soft and nice.
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25 days ago
Cinderella Artist

Cinderella's artist icon
I read the lyrics as you sang. ....What a lovely dedication song for your Mum.
Latest Song: SHE MOVES
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25 days ago
brassgospelguy Artist

brassgospelguy's artist icon
Always love tribute songs and this one is not only a great tribute but a great story. Your sound has a Michael Franks vibe to it which I've always enjoyed. Thanks for sharing
Latest Song: My Valentine (Cover)
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6 days ago

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