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Released: Feb 9, 2018 | 10:40 PM
Category: Electronica
Application: [unknown]
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 4.54 MB

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License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
I'm pretty happy with last weeks re-upload of a tune that I had previously canned so this week I'm bringing back 'Aim' from 2010! Please feel free to let me know if you enjoy your older music more as years go on or if you don't. Or if what you were trying to accomplish at an earlier time was different than it is now. I'd be interested to hear! This is a sort of sound tracky thing in a way I'd never do anymore but I still like it!

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BlancFroid Artist

BlancFroid's artist icon
Cool. I think it's a strong comp regardless.

To your question, I like some of my old stuff and strongly dislike some of it.

Still having fun and I think that's all that counts.

(Then again, I still don't really know what I'm doing.)

Last edited by BlancFroid, 7 days ago.
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8 days ago
falconep Artist

falconep's artist icon
Very interesting piece.
*Taking older comps off the shelf years later is always interesting if you can complete the work. It's a great case for collaborating. Individual uniqueness always puts a new twist on what the originator had in mind. Thanks - Phil
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7 days ago
amp Artist

amp's artist icon
@BlancFroid - Thank you! You've given me an idea to maybe upload a song in the near future-ish that I strongly disliked - And not because it's bad but because of the feels behind it, which sometimes aren't fun when creating art, so I've never shared it!

I do like the carefree ideas that come from not knowing what you are doing that I hear in my tunes as I progress as it might not really be something you could go back to and miss music doodles where the goal was never to create full songs but just to achieve a 'sound' which sometimes could bring forth new techniques!

@falconep - Thank you! I think that's how I see it too in the sense that while what I am creating now is still practicing, I would consider this to be incomplete in comparison even though it was 'completed' in all past intentions. I like how individuals can all experience things differently and it certainly can be neat when they can add their experience to yours. I've taken many great things away from collaborations!
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7 days ago
becwil Moderator

becwil's artist icon
Your talent amazes me. The ideas you bring to your compositions are so solid. Real quality. Your production sensibilities are spot on. This one, too.

I have older tunes, that when I hear them again I think to myself, "Wow! That sounds pretty good. I'm pleased with it." Then there are some tunes that I hear all kinds of things in them that I'd do differently now. Being a composer and my own producer, I am always working and listening with both those hats on. I enjoy both equally.

Sometimes I think about removing some older stuff here, and a few pieces have bit the dust. At the present I'm of the opinion that everything I currently have on iC represents my journey through these past 12 years of learning to work in the digital world. (There is one piece that was done on tape.) Some warts show through. I don't always get it perfect. As the saying goes, "It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get up." What motivates me is to keep learning, to keep improving.

With artistic creations, everyone views or hears them with their own filters in place. There are times when I'm really really pleased with a piece, either visual art or music, and hardly anyone else gets it. And conversely, there are times when I'm feeling questionable about a piece and many people rave about it. So, I've learned to not judge my work by my own standards only. Yeah, I say when it's done, though I try to leave it free of my attached and limited viewpoint so everyone else can see/hear it for themselves.
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7 days ago
amp Artist

amp's artist icon
Thank you, @becwil !

I think I enjoy composing more but am equally as interested in production if that makes sense. I also sort of cast aside these hats when listening to things I am longer as biased about.

As for getting knocked down and back up again, I fully agree! You'll never know what you're truly capable of without trying. Get back up enough times and people start to wonder what you know that keeps you moving forward.

I can totally relate to your last point too!
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6 days ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
...Why is the piggy bank staring at me?!?!?!


Love the tune. Totally get the soundtrack vibe. For all that you say you wouldn't do anything like this now, I hear the same calling back to the classic sounds of my childhood that I get from your newer work too - maybe it's differently expressed today (or maybe your relationship to it has changed) but it hits the same place in me.

How do I feel about my old music now? Interesting question.

When I think about the stuff I did with my old school band Lethal Exposure/LethalX, I can't say that I really listen to it any more. It feels primitive to me - I can see us aping our favourite thrash bands, just sort of throwing things together because they would obviously be awesome, not too much art or craft. I don't listen to that kind of music much any more and it doesn't really have enough hooks to keep my attention. On the other hand, I do enjoy the sound of my own guitar playing - back then, in some ways I was a much better guitarist (largely due to having more practice time) and in some ways a much worse one (I hadn't really figured out emotional expression in my playing back then - you can argue the toss about whether it's evident to an outside observer in my playing today but it certainly FEELS different to me), but my playing back then was full of energy and sheer youthful confidence, like I could hammer away at those riffs as if my life depended on it because there was no way in hell I could hit a wrong note or play out of time. As I hit my twenties and my ear developed I lost a lot of that self-confidence and my playing became audibly more tentative, more concerned with being 'perfect' and ironically losing the energy that made up for the lack of technical perfection in the process.

My next major set of releases ended up being called Shadows, and was basically a collection of song ideas and off-cuts that were never quite brought to fruition in the way I thought they would be. I sometimes listen to Shadows now. The production is super-rough - I was very much learning digital music production as I went along, so each track has a totally different sound, some of which really sets my teeth on edge now (Eternal in particular makes me wince). On the other hand, I like the free-flowing creativity - the fact that I was happy to take any idea, no matter how random, and just run with it - to hell with consistency, with structure, with accessibility or balance, no thought in mind about how my listeners might hear it, just doing whatever I thought was cool at the time. That lack of balance stands out like a sore thumb in many places now, and it really needs a lot of my attention for me to enjoy the listen as a result, but when I can totally sink into it and just be with it, I can appreciate its freedom and sense of totally open possibility.

By comparison, Lies To Children (my most recent metal album, and in some sense a continuation of that old high school band, although the musical direction is totally different now) is pretty much the opposite of Shadows. As a whole-hearted collaboration, many of the musical ideas are not mine, much of the performance is not mine, and the musical direction was essentially negotiated and agreed up front, then the music was constructed with that specific goal in mind. So, rather than the complete artistic openness (and ensuing randomness) of Shadows, Lies is much more focused and purposeful, but somewhat in the shadow of another artist (Devin Townsend). Since we were making an album as a whole, I was careful to do a lot of up-front work on production so that we could then keep the sound consistent through the whole piece (it's a concept album so it 'deserves' to be taken as a whole in my mind), and I'm really happy with the sound we achieved, even if there are things I would do differently today. I like the fact that it has vocals, even though vocals were a nightmare to work with and their inclusion tends to be divisive among listeners. It's a lot more structured and accessible than Shadows, which makes it an easier listen, so I listen to it a lot more often, and in general I enjoy it every time I do. It was also the project on which I confronted and defeated my fear of doing 'predictable' or 'cheesy' things - whereas on Shadows I generally started by identifying something 'obvious' and then doing the exact opposite, there were a few times on Lies when I hit upon something very cliche and cheesy but which fit the moment beautifully, and after wrestling with my conscience for a while, I generally went with it. I'm so glad I did. When I hear those moments now I always get a 'hell yeah!'

Brighter Days is the latest release, and it's only really in the last few weeks that I've been able to start listening to it again. Making an album, at least for me, is a brutal process which involves far too much listening, re-listening and over-listening to every second of music until I'm heartily sick of it. There are still a couple of moments where I couldn't quite resolve a problem in the mix and I wince when I hear it. But now I have enough distance to sit back and accept it for what it is - and I really like it. In many ways it's the most 'conventional' of things I've done - a lot of clear structure and repetition (albeit repetition-with-variation in general, which is how I've solved my hatred of hearing the same thing twice in my own music - interestingly, not a problem that affects me when listening to others' music; I think I just always have a general sense in life that I'm 'being boring' so I don't feel comfortable with repetition OOH IRONY ALERT I don't want to be boring and here I am writing War and Peace - sorry, you caught me fresh off an intensive Zen retreat so I have no filters at the moment smiley). The major difference (apart from the timbre, obviously) is the focus on melody - while I was making it, I realised that in the past I've been reluctant to commit to a melody because it takes the listeners' attention away from the harmony, chords, riffs and whatnot and places it firmly on the tune; partly I enjoyed the sense of infinite possibility of purely having the harmony (think of all the possible melodies that would work with this!), and partly I wanted people to hear and appreciate the whole picture, not just listen to the tune. I'm over that now, and, even though I basically now just listen to the tune myself, I think it works better as a result.

Err... What was the question? Ah yes. Do I enjoy my older music more as time goes on. Hmm. I think it's more that I get more distance from it, and with distance comes perspective, so I can look more kindly on it as a product of its time (and of a 'me' that no longer exists). When it's recent it's fresh and I can still remember the creative process, so listening to it brings up the feelings I had while I was making it. When enough time has past that that's all gone, it's a different experience. I like both - I'm definitely not one of those people who never listens to their own stuff. My general approach to music is to try to make something that I would want to listen to myself, so why wouldn't I listen to it and enjoy it? smiley
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6 days ago
amp Artist

amp's artist icon
@eido - your first statement (not the one about the piggy bank smiley) means a lot! Thanks! I think just my composing 'checklist' has altered.

I'll embrace more cheesy and cliché as you've mentioned because it can add contrast. 'Going with it' is another thing too; trying not to change every initial idea.

Learning about structures, repetition, and variation in a good way - I just read an interview with someone who added to my thoughts on it. I never identify with the perceived setbacks in my own music as being problems in others either.

I've gotten over the being boring feels, not to be like, "I'm a pretty big deal," but I do like you and make things that I will enjoy myself and have interesting inspirations and experiences that I believe when people associate with their own references helps convey this and when they can share that with me, I find new interests that inspire me to produce more interesting things, haha!

Did I read right that you are working on a new track or album with a melodic focus? With an interest in melody but in the way of soundtracks myself, I try to think of how to incorporate melodies without taking much listening attention - to serve as 'background' music, in my case.

But man, it sounds like we've done some things in similar ways when it comes to making tunes!

True to that last paragraph also! Enjoyed the insight!
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5 days ago
amp Artist

amp's artist icon
amp wrote:
@eido -

Did I read right that you are working on a new track or album with a melodic focus?

@eido whoops, I didn't notice some brackets and read some things all as one lump and was thinking, isn't War and Peace a book? What's the irony? Long book.. Now I get stuff. I thought you were working on writing some Zen music under the same title smiley and yes, Brighter Days has solid melodic focus!

I'm going to work on my next project called reading comprehension now smiley
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4 days ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
Haha, understandable. I actually AM thinking about doing some Zen music but it wouldn’t be called War and Peace! (Or maybe it would... 🤔 To be honest I’m not sure what Zen music would sound like which is also a bit of an inhibiting factor.) I do want to work plenty of melody into my next album (the metal one) but that’s still at a very early stage right now - just riffs bouncing back and forth via WhatsApp and Dropbox.
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4 days ago

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