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album art Bouncehouse (OTT)
by becwil

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Released: Feb 12, 2018 | 3:10 PM
Category: Electronica
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3 [use AAC]
File Size: 5.73 MB

Plays: 132
Downloads: 2
Weekly Plays: 132
Weekly Downloads: 2
Statistic reset day: Monday

License: No derivative works allowed

Bring some fun.

The 7th in a series called On To Twenty. I’m enjoying composing chill tunes, so here’s the next 10.

Comment and critique welcomed.

Music & Art: © 2018 Dragonhouse Studios.
All rights reserved.

Other releases of On To Twenty:
1. Of Midnights and New Years
2. Moving Through Clouds
3. Brewing Change
4. Going Home
5. Morning Sunshine
6. Waiting For Tea

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eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
Nice! Cool and easy but moving and kicking at the same time. Really enjoying this new set - I downloaded the last collection as soon as it was done and I’ll be doing the same this time.
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5 days ago
Aamp Artist

Aamp's artist icon
I particularly like the intro and the buildup/progressions. Really sets the atmosphere nicely. 7th in the series, already!? Time flies smiley
Latest Song: Valentine's
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5 days ago
Deebeesea Artist

Deebeesea's artist icon
Very cool and enjoyable
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4 days ago
Dorothy_Wilson Artist

Dorothy_Wilson's artist icon
Nice progression a great production. Enjoyed smiley
Latest Song: Echos Collab
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3 days ago
BlancFroid Artist

BlancFroid's artist icon
Yes, oh, yes - the phrase "Industrial Ambient" came to mind as I caught certain aspects. Well done again!
Latest Song: Charlotte Days
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3 days ago

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