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Army Cadence Song (Crawdad Song)
by gonzalez6389310

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Released: Mar 24, 2018 | 6:08 PM
Category: Folk
Application: [unknown]
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 1.3 MB

Plays: 90
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Weekly Plays: 5
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License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
I heard this one for the first time as we were marching in basic training and it stuck with me for all these years. Cecil Sharp took credit but it clearly sounds as a tune of Afro American Southern influence...All I know its really cool....Lyrics are easily changed for whatever purpose is intended.

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mre Artist

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Thanks for sharing this bit of folklore. Brings back memories, I used to sing this song with kids, they loved the call and response "Honey" and "Baby"! It is a great ice breaker to get shy voices to sing out! Other verses I sang were: Yonder comes a man with a pack on his back . . . a totin' all the crawdads he can pack . . . [environmental, sung slowly with gravitas] Whatcha gonna do when the pond runs dry . . . Sit on the bank and watch the crawdads die . . . Crawdad crawdad feeling fine . . . Two for a nickel and three for a dime . . . smiley
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1 month ago

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