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album art Interior Life (AITW)
by becwil

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Released: Apr 3, 2018 | 3:21 PM
Category: Electronica
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3 [use AAC]
File Size: 6.77 MB

Plays: 164
Downloads: 3
Weekly Plays: 11
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Tuesday

License: No derivative works allowed

The 4th, in a series called All In The World.

Comment and critique welcomed.

Music & Art: © 2018 Dragonhouse Studios.
All rights reserved.
Photo: NASA Earth Observatory. False-color image of the Ugab River running through landforms sculpted by erosion in northern Namibia.

Other releases of All In The World:
1. Look Around
2. The Power To Connect
3. Stay Strong
5. Sunbeams
6. Do What You Can

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Aamp Artist

Aamp's artist icon
I love it! It's so lush and the drums organic. I really like the melody and just smoothness of everything too. Really nice, good work - it stands out!
Latest Song: Goodbye
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18 days ago
sammydix Artist

sammydix's artist icon
The moody side. I kept getting a feeling of navigating thru twisted, dark caverns.
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
17 days ago
mre Artist

mre's artist icon
Wow a tapestry of sound, a lot of depth and detail you are coaxing out of your DAW! My "critique" would be with the bass line: There is a clear vamp between Am and Dm but when the bass enters (great tone, by the way) it starts on the 5th of the A minor chord and riffs only to the third, only playing the root of the Aminor but under the Dminor chord or the dreaded 4th of that chord: Am/E Am/G Am/E - Dm/F Dm Dm/A
The most effective bass parts absolutely nail the roots of the chords on strong beats and invent a counter rhythm to somehow include the third and seventh of the chord. Anyways, congratulations on this as I know it represents a lot of time and effort. smiley
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
17 days ago
Dorothy_Wilson Artist

Dorothy_Wilson's artist icon
love everything about this. The drums are awesome. smiley
Latest Song: Rocking with the Harp
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17 days ago
BlancFroid Artist

BlancFroid's artist icon
A real stand-out - everything about it clicks and moves. I like how it goes from brooding to elation.
Latest Song: Love Triangulation
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17 days ago
LAD Artist Consistency is epic.LAD
Latest Song: Finite
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17 days ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
Wow! Early on in the piece I get that Housden vibe again, but then it opens up into this huge rich tapestry of sound. I think this might be one of my favourites.
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16 days ago
jarcieri Artist

jarcieri's artist icon
Very atmospheric........ 2 thumbs up!!!
Latest Song: Expedition De Sonic-a
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16 days ago

KCsGROOVE's artist icon
dreamy stuff
enjoyed it!
Latest Song: IT IS YOU
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14 days ago
revoltington Artist

revoltington's artist icon
Nice choice of synths and percussion. Very nicely put together; sounds terrific and sonic.
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13 days ago
Koltrast Artist

Koltrast's artist icon
Excellent! I love it. This would be the soundtrack of a great building taking a walk on the globe.
Latest Song: Roadside
Artist Page Send Message Report Quote
10 days ago

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