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album art A Good Life
by MoorNoki and alanatomic

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Released: Dec 22, 2005 | 7:08 PM
Category: Jazz
Application: [unknown]
Loop Use: Some loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 4.37 MB

Plays: 2751
Downloads: 5
Weekly Plays: 8
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Thursday

License: No derivative works allowed
"A Good Life"
written and sung by Moor Noki
Music by Alanatomic Aka Tom Chianti

Art by Simona Piccolo Ala. (

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MoorNoki Artist

MoorNoki's artist icon
I am sorry Alanatomic that I couldn't wait to share... i was so curious for reactions that I just had to upload it.
If you want it to be removed I will. At your command.

P.s. If anyone feels like singing the lyrics on the music(Alana??) You're more then welcome!!

The melody of the vox needs to be adjusted here and

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12 years ago
secretCode Listener

secretCode's artist icon
nice track.......little bit distorted but nice music
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12 years ago
ponkey Moderator

ponkey's artist icon
Quick technical suggestion: lower your mic's input volume slightly and get closer to it. That should give you a fuller vocal sound - the closer you get to the mic the more lower end it will pick up. I think the performance itself is fine and I really like the lyrics and melody - they go well with the music. (Lovely music, Alanatomic!)
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12 years ago
yosL Listener

yosL's artist icon
share same sentiment as monoCream
well enjoyed
nice song

thx guys
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12 years ago
nothing Artist

nothing's artist icon
Wow, I think you could have a really rich voice with a good mic ... Really, it would be great fun to record you. This is a nice song.

Latest Song: ???????????????? Collab
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12 years ago
alanatomic Artist

alanatomic's artist icon
iam I have to say you nailed the mood I was feeling.Te vocals are low and still distorted. That doesn't mean I don't want to hear more of them. Performance could be better but ya know I gotta go with a 5'ver. I really like what you did with the lyrics. You have to tell me top to bottom how and what you record with, what mic, mic pre if any. I just got a great idea. Re-record your vocals, watch your levels. Ponkey's right lower input, raise output don't use too much compression and check the way you sound at each stage of recording. Record it all different ways. Chaeck out some recordiing books at your libray. They should have some good references. AND I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE FOR NOT GETTING BACK TO YOU SOONER. GREAT JOB. Send me the vocals all alone and untouched as much as possible. I can fix anything but distortion. It might not sound bad in some part of the song.. Who Knows. I'm ramblin are'nt I, am I ramblin' or have I said too much. I really should stop now. Please someone


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12 years ago
MoorNoki Artist

MoorNoki's artist icon
Thanks thanks thanks folks this is motivating...

To answer your question Alanatomic....

I use a logitech cammicro.....
and record in my livingroom (a lot of sidenoises)I try to reduce the sounds by taking Ponkey's advise at heart (thanks Ponkey!) It yet does a little good to the recording....
Still I lack the professional instruments (studio) to record professionaly....this will change in the next year I hope....
Untill then I rely on you guys to provide me advise and tips....
I would be nothing If you weren't there....

thanks again...
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12 years ago
carlajpatterson Artist

carlajpatterson's artist icon
Really nicely structured in terms of lyrics and melody Djevi, and love the music, Tom! Would love to hear Alana on this, too... great idea D. smiley

Wish you lived closer so you could record in my little studio! What computer are you using these days? We all need that transporter promised to us in Star Trek for so many years! lol

Latest Song: Uguisu (Nightingale)
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20 days ago
MoorNoki Artist

MoorNoki's artist icon
Oh hell yes! I could do with that transporter...!! smiley smiley

Bringing Alana in on this is also a great suggestion!
There are more versions of this song..these will be posted on my FB account in time.

I'm on a Mac computer still but nothing is connected at the moment... since I'm already struggling a few years to get it sorted out.. but still no luck. I got the mic (akg), the mixer and the audio interface.

In time... all will be okay.. smiley

Warm hugs @carlajpatterson xxx!
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17 days ago

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