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album art fink link - tribute to Ed Roth
by woodguy32

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Released: Nov 3, 2004 | 12:20 AM
Category: Other
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File Type: .mp3
File Size: 4.01 MB

Plays: 2215
Downloads: 4
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License: Unknown/Unset
surf & turf..cowfish collection... surf muzac for cruzin.. see Mr. Roth was my hero.. not for his cool cars but his Art.. I am sure everyone here knows The famous Rat Fink..
I will miss him...

no guitars or small animals where hurt in making this tune..

I am amazed at what great music that is being made with garageband..I feel humble to be on the site with such great work..I found my place to listen to great music..and not what the record company's throw in our face.. thanks everyone here on icompostion

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Blacklilyorchard Artist

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no idea who rat fink is but I know Bat Fink well. ("your bullets cannot harm me! My wings are like a shield of steel" or "Cut the deck Karate...... you got it Batfink!" smiley

now the song. dissonant jazz flavor to it. its gpt lots of creativity in the guitar work. reminds me of an Orb cd pomme fritz
Latest Song: Frav 3.0
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13 years ago
woodguy32 Artist

woodguy32's artist icon
You don't know the cute rat with flys buzzing around his he was a true 60's icon..

well thank you .. it was a different one for me.. but i am just having fun..making noise

I downloaded and listen to your mugshot broadcast..I love your music so was a great treat to hear you..thanks a big fan of Black Lily..
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13 years ago

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