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Released: Sep 27, 2007 | 1:15 AM
Category: Rock
Application: Logic Express
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 12.04 MB

Plays: 2343
Downloads: 12
Weekly Plays: 2
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License: No derivative works allowed
This tune was originally written to be a trance track, but it took a delightful detour and became another one of our classic Fractal Garden rock tracks. We're pleased to welcome back Dave and James, our good buddies from across the pond, and it was a pleasure to be able to collaborate with them once again. It was extra fun to have Dave do some tasty lead guitar work, and for John and Dave to write the lyrics.

This is the final song of our upcoming double CD, Pangaea, which we hope will be available before the year's end. All of the other songs on Pangaea have actually been uploaded here on iComp over the past year or so, and we're feeling mighty lucky that we gathered so much talent here on this site to make Pangaea a reality. It will be a thrill for us to hold a CD (a double CD!) in our hands and know we actually did what we set out to do. A great feeling, to be sure.

Comments welcome. Thanks for listening.

Vocals/lyrics/lead guitar: Dave
Drums: James
Music/lyrics/keyboards/Art: John
Guitars/bass/mix: Jay

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FractalGarden Artist

FractalGarden's artist icon
A special note of thanks to Choirbox for previewing and "lending an ear" to this track.
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10 years ago
ShadowofNine Artist

ShadowofNine's artist icon
This has a distinct classic rock sound, bordering on prog. very well done neat pop/rock song...
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10 years ago
jayman Artist

jayman's artist icon
Fantastic Job to everyone on this track ... This really sounds fantastic! ... You guys really brought some attitude with a gorgeous mood. And the production is flawless.
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10 years ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
First up, guys, great song. I love the composition, and the performances are terrific too.

Dave, great lead, and your vocals are on another plane. I don't often slip into hyperbolae on iComp, but you're possibly the best vocalist on iComp, and your work is... Well, I don't like throwing the much-overused word "professional" around, but I do sometimes wonder what you're doing here.

James: Cracking drums. Tight as anything, and interesting parts too. A question: do your kit's cymbals sound like that straight out of the audio output (you use V-Drums, right?), or is there some heavy lossy compression going on somewhere? The cymbals sound a bit "swishy" to me, which I associate with low bitrate MP3s. Personally I'd be tempted to drop the level on the cymbals just a little, and possibly apply a notch to the frequency causing the sibilance, because I find the whine a bit irritating.

John: I was drawn into following FractalGarden through my collaboration with Jay, and as a result of that (and probably because I'm a guitarist myself) I've never really focused on your contributions and given you your dues. So let me take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with your composition, arranging and performance; they're awesome.

Jay: As I said above, I'm a guitarist myself, so the guitar parts are subject to my most critical listening! For my taste there's a little too much gain on the guitars -- they sound a little bit raggedy and squelchy, whatever that means. (I know what it means to me, but I have no good way of putting it into universal language.) If you want a powerful sound, I'd suggest dropping the gain by maybe a third and recording an extra guitar for each stereo channel. Most heavy guitar tones on studio albums have remarkably little distortion -- which is weird, because they sound comparatively rubbish in the room compared to a fully cranked amp. I'll never understand that one. The mix is interesting -- it works very well in mono, suggesting that you've done a good job of making EQ space for each instrument, but Dave's vocals feel to me like they're somehow floating in space -- maybe you could pump the EQ of the guitars' midrange to make them a little bigger. I dunno, I'd have to play with it. smiley

Well, I just hit play for the fifth time, which is something I never, ever do, so I guess that tells you something about my opinion of the track!

Great work, guys.

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10 years ago
Barretok Artist

Barretok's artist icon
Great production all around! smiley
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10 years ago
Ziur Artist

Ziur's artist icon
Good production. Great voices. Well done.
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10 years ago
SoulSurvivor Artist

SoulSurvivor's artist icon
This is a WELL KRAFTED tune. Dave I can't get enough of your vocals EXCELLENT performance. John I'm glad to heare you much more out front on this one GREAT STUFF! Jay guitars sound GREAT and are woven through this piece as only you could do! James you are an EXCELLENT drummer I truly appreciate your skills, GREAT JOB!

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10 years ago
DaveM Artist

DaveM's artist icon
I just wanted to thank you all for stopping by and taking time to comment, very much appreciated.

Also a really BIG thanks to my collaborators who have been incredibly patient in waiting for me on this one, it's been many, many months ... my real life gets in the way of my life as a virtual rock star !(LOL)

BTW I can only claim the guitar on the intro as my own !

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10 years ago
Bulerias Artist

Bulerias's artist icon
Great stuff!! Reminds me of Kansas.
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10 years ago
macoco Listener

macoco's artist icon
Guys, definetly, you have a style.
Pure delight for my ears.
This is so complex and sounds so simple!
Favorited, downloaded, and added to my collection of you.

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10 years ago
woodguy32 Artist

woodguy32's artist icon
WOW... love seeing the Garden back....

you guys.. ROCK....Amazing...


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10 years ago
Jacob Artist

Jacob's artist icon
Wow this is deffinately one of my favorites from you guys! Psh forget downloading the songs from here I'm buying the whole thing smiley

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10 years ago
JD Moderator

JD's artist icon
4th listen in row as I write this...

The final song on the 2 disc set is done!!! Yay! Whom gets the cash?!?!? I'm putting my payment up front in full now!!!!

This is a GREAT song!!! it has all the great qualities on not only a great Fractal Garden song but just a great song. Period.

I was reading Eidolonia's comments, and I must say I concur with them- especially with the kudos to the entire band. You guys kick MAJOR A$$!

With his comments on the production: I think I understand his feelings on the guitar parts. No insult intended btw. You know I love you guys.

This recording just feels a little off to me. Yes the digital drums still feel a little flat to me. And there seems to be a lack of... bass. Not just bass guitar, but overall bass. The overall quality also feels 2-D to me, especially when compared to the full wall-of-sound feel that the other songs have had. I think when comparing this to Fractured Mind, despite some of the criticism about production, that had a significant bass-y feel (maybe even too much? Nah.) and I do think that this particular tune needs that feel too.

You know when you break into the acoustic section just with the solo and strumming guitar parts? That section sounds like you're right here in my living room playing. It weird that the other parts don't have that feel (with the exception of the excellent intro!)

I know you'll be fiddling with the tunes for the mastering, and I know all will be corrected then. You guys have me sold on this band, and as songwriters.

Great job.
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10 years ago
JD Moderator

JD's artist icon
5x now!
Latest Song: Lippedy Spit Collab
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10 years ago
DigitalGreyOrchestra Artist

DigitalGreyOrchestra's artist icon
Dave, what can I say? Thank you Dave for your vocals as well as your lyrical contributions, you made this one something special and you know how close I am to this one, really thank you so much, I love it. James thanks again for laying down the heartbeat of this tune. You always seem to nail down the perfect beat and your so good it is almost easy to just expect a great beat from you. Your the best, thanks. Jay it was a real pleasure getting to work with you on all these tunes. You are a real class act, a man of your word and one the best guitar players I not only had the pleasure to work on these tunes with but that I've had the pleasure to listen too period. Thanks for the ride buddy.

I appreciate everyone that stopped by to comment on this song.

A special thank you to jdwyer05 and Choirbox. Your feedback has been invaluable and I just want you to know how much it has meant. Thank you sincerely!

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10 years ago
Choirbox Artist

Choirbox's artist icon
Great job to all on this one. I know how hard everyone has worked on the fine tuning of it and creatively it's just superb. I'm glad to see it up and getting such good and helpful reviews. Dave, your voice is just amazing. So much power, emotion and control. I could listen to it all day... wait I did listen to it all day (he he he.) Jay-guitars are excellent as always and your choice of effects is so very well thought out and fitting for the style of the song. The term "pre-set" is just not in your vocabulary. You spend a lot of time tailoring your sound for each and every song. John- pads are gorgeous and I really enjoyed the piano section. I loved hearing the more technical side of your playing. That break was my favorite part of the song and the piano part was just the icing on the cake for me. James- really good choice of rhythms for each section of the song. Really well thought out segues from one section to another. Small little changes and fills along the way kept the song moving forward and building momentum. You should all be proud of the work you've done on this one.
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10 years ago
Ignoramus Artist

Ignoramus's artist icon
Thanks for the listens and comments, everyone. The electric guitar sound I chose was quite intentional for the song. The guitar I used has a most unique sound with my Marshall, and I think it worked best with John's pads. Appreciate the feedback!

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10 years ago
danman4961 Artist

danman4961's artist icon
Amazing vocals
First track I've heard on iComp in a while
And a good one

edit: spelling
Last edited by danman4961, 10 years ago.
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10 years ago
IanRobinson Listener

IanRobinson's artist icon
Everything is there,just some fine tuning on the sound field and some boosting (Eq) double channels on the guitar,It has a good feel and the sounds flow well guys,love Dave M in this,hold on to him he is Gold.....keyBoard work(John) very professional (Moby is Interested in him ? Guitar work (jay) you know how to use it and the choice of guitar works with those pads ! drums sound live and clean pushes the song along real good smiley

The four of you seem to make it happen and it shows here.

Ian R

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10 years ago
Jpedersen Artist

Jpedersen's artist icon
John, you are a great friend and a true artist. This sounds great, very profesional. Great vocals, awesome key comp. Sorry I missed hanging with you tonight, clint canceled and you can still come out for drinks with the gang tonight. - Cheers


Eddited for sp.
Last edited by Jpedersen, 10 years ago.
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10 years ago
gongcity Artist

gongcity's artist icon
Glad the Garden is back. Impressive tune guys, I agree with Julian about the bass, but for the rest I love it on all points. Dave, your vocal skill impresses me more and more every time.

Last edited by gongcity, 10 years ago.
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10 years ago
PiranhaLake Artist

PiranhaLake's artist icon
OUTSTANDING piece of work!
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10 years ago
wakegirlsarah Artist

wakegirlsarah's artist icon
Great stuff, guys!
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10 years ago
herrsolera Artist

herrsolera's artist icon
Dave M has such a brilliant voice - very suited for this type of music, especially those flawless harmonies. Love the clean guitars, the overall theme, and the pianos around the middle of the track. Astounding how such a cohesive and unified song like this can be created in multiple homes, with no face-to-face contact.

My toast to the masterful songwriting and superb talents.
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9 years ago

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