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album art Ice Skating
by MessengerBoy

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Released: Oct 15, 2007 | 11:06 PM
Category: Other
Application: GarageBand
Loop Use: No loops

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Just a little something I made up and decided to record while testing a midi keyboard. It might be good for a kid's piano exercise book for playing a melody with the left hand. It's not my best performance ever, but it was kind of fun.

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k6 Artist

k6's artist icon
this sounds like a real classic teaching piece. short but with substance and a nice melody.
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10 years ago
MessengerBoy Artist

MessengerBoy's artist icon
Thanks, k6. I could have played it better -- the right hand was a little on the heavy side, but it was difficult to really get the feel of the midi keyboard controller I have. Someday I may try recording it with a real acoustic piano.
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10 years ago
padowan_learner Artist

padowan_learner's artist icon
This is actually a charming little piece. You're right -- it might make a nice exercise; it's certainly much better than a lot of the stale, boring old etude exercises I remember having to play when I was a kid.
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10 years ago
jamo Artist

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Yes, this would exactly be a great training piece for kids. It sounds very fun! really nice job!
Last edited by jamo, 10 years ago.
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10 years ago

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