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album art Symphony 3 Movement 4 by Beethoven
by Tribrix

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Released: Jan 11, 2008 | 4:56 PM
Category: Electronica
Application: GarageBand
Loop Use: Some loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 14.89 MB

Plays: 2303
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License: No derivative works allowed
The fourth movement of Beethoven's third symphony "Eroica". This is a little different than some of the other Beethoven posts I've made. Maybe you'll hear it, maybe it'll sound like it's in the same vein as before (I really can't tell). At any rate, enjoy!

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KCsGROOVE's artist icon
Lenny, you have a unique style...
you bring this classical stuff to a complete new level, same as you did with the X-mas songs .
At a certain moment I had to think of the band The Nice (1967 or so) with Keith Emerson.
Great production here!
Keep 'm coming!
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10 years ago
ShadowofNine Artist

ShadowofNine's artist icon
Boy Beethoven only wishes he had been that aggressive, sure maxed on this one Lenny, very coool treatment...
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10 years ago
padowan_learner Artist

padowan_learner's artist icon
Bear with me, hon -- long narrative coming up here. But this one's from the heart.

Some time ago, I left a comment on your uploaded version of Beethoven's 5th (1st movement). I noted at that time that I appreciated how you're not afraid to tackle these kind of projects by constructing arrangements that incorporate the source material, while at the same time not being afraid to push a bit and explore where the original composition might go, given current styles and technology. I believe I mentioned how Beethoven's 5th has been "done to death" by "re-envisioners," but that I found your version to be more original and mercifully avoiding the "musical cliches" that seem to come with the territory.

As luck would have it, my husband decided he wanted Brian Setzer's (of the Stray Cats) new CD, "Wolfgang's Night Out" for Christmas. So, I got it for him, and we listened to it together Christmas night, after the main hoopla of the day had more-or-less drawn to a close. (For anyone reading this comment that isn't familiar with the album, it's Setzer's reworking of some dozen classical tunes.) And, guess what number kicks off on track one? Yup -- it's good ol' Beethoven's 5th.

Now, with all due respect to Mr. Setzer, it's a lovely album. The production values are faboo, and he's obviously working with a very talented group of musicians. But the Beethoven arrangement, well... certainly it's quite nice, but once again, it's pretty much more-of-the-same.

My point is that it seems to me if one intends to revamp classic material, as opposed to creating something (more-or-less) from scratch, then I believe the goal should be to bring something unique to the mix. Playing Beethoven super-fast on synths with an added drum beat is perhaps interesting the first couple of times around, but by the twentieth time, about the best reaction the listener can muster is "yeah... so?" (In the spirit of full disclosure, I should probably note that Setzer's arrangement is in a pseudo-big band style, but still, it's pretty much the same thing played on a lot of really nice sounding brass instruments.)

All of which is a long-winded way of saying: thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for doing this -- 'cuz no matter how you play it, Beethoven kicks butt. But especially thank you for your original and intriguing reinterpretations. Some of them work better than others, but at this point I'd rather listen to an excellent arrangement that incorporates something new than a high-profile, slickly-produced "professional" effort that only manages to add slight variation to territory that's already been traveled many times before.

Oh... and did I mention that this totally rocks?!!!!!! smiley smiley
Last edited by padowan_learner, 10 years ago.
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10 years ago
RoboScott Artist

RoboScott's artist icon
Massive traces of The Nice, especially brings to mind 'Rondo', or the ELP live at The Royal Albert Hall DVD (if you've ever seen it you'll know why).

Absolutely fantastic stuff. I'm gonna have such fun listening to this again through the hi-fi big speakers at high volume tomorrow.

Love it!!! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley (a 5 smile rating)
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10 years ago
AshleyBeanHead Artist

AshleyBeanHead's artist icon
Dam! Got calluses on those fingers?

Brief description: The picking and scale progression playing along would put Eddie VH back on the band-wagon! Intrepid work, just fascinating Lenny!

Genre: 23rd Century B/Electroven/Bee-trance

Pros: Bass, Keyboard/Synth and Electric Guitars playing classical movement and digitizing the tones is an art in itself.

Cons: none

Suggestion: just a request, I would love for Lenny to do one day, Mozarts Requiem, K. 626 -Die Zauberflote.

~Doc smiley

PS - I listen to you other pieces ( Symphony 7 Movement 4 by Beethoven &Symphony 5 movement. 1 by Beethoven), they were ver good.
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10 years ago
feenixx Artist

feenixx's artist icon
Hey, thanks for this - this is very enjoyable. It's actually, in my opinion, better than most Beethoven treatments by modern entertainers in any genre - I cannot think of any I like better right now, and there are many.
Dave Edmond's Love Sculpture's 5th comes close, though... but it's ancient and hence "no competition"...
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10 years ago
dirigent Artist

dirigent's artist icon
Yeah thanks for this fascinating treat Great work!! This avantgarde-spirit of Beethoven is perfectly transformed for modern times smiley
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10 years ago
Bass2x Listener

Bass2x's artist icon
wow! just read padwan's comments and agree 100%
also agree w/ashley - love to hear u tackle some wolfie!
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10 years ago
letileti Artist

letileti's artist icon
Gosh you need to send Padowan a Tribix T-shirt after that speech. LOL what a nice statement. This is another great piece of your Beethoven stash Lenny - but as much as I like Beethoven I personally prefer your political songs. For some reason they stick with me as I tend to remember them after listening. I also find their production value so much more unique. IMO
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10 years ago
falzaabi Artist

falzaabi's artist icon

Latest Song: Big re meditation Explicit
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10 years ago
Mr_Red Artist

Mr_Red's artist icon
Beethoven on speed and some LSD. Amazing stuff my man! I like this chaotic and yet structured style. It's wild and far away. It's like an energy boost that gets you up in the morning and gets you through the day. Very cool.
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10 years ago
MIR Artist

MIR's artist icon
yeah, i'm with leti, send jeannette a tribrix t-shirt! also because i totally agree with her (mr. alka seltzer apart, whom i don't know), and subscribe her comment without repeating. must only add that only when the final crash arrived, i realized how fast my heart had been beating for a few minutes...
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10 years ago
Jasali Artist

Jasali's artist icon
Great arrangement! Parts of it remind me of disco and those are the parts I like best. It's a very invigorating piece and for me, it captures the spirit of the composer's intent.
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10 years ago
Lapotu Artist

Lapotu's artist icon
Jee, you got to move on this one!! Fast, a lot of rythm, to dance all night long!! Instruments are perfectly played, wow, fast it is. Realy a fantastic job!!!


Latest Song: They are angles now
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10 years ago
magnatone Artist

magnatone's artist icon
HOLY SMOKES!! I had NO IDEA what an awesome talent you are. This is beyond words - indescribable what you've managed to do here. Congratulations my friend on an incredible achievement!
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9 years ago
jamesjrn Artist

jamesjrn's artist icon
Terrific! I'm not someone who is familiar with lots of classical music, so had you not said so, I wouldn't have even known you got this from Beethoven, lol.
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9 years ago
MoorNoki Artist

MoorNoki's artist icon
Pressing the 'jump to random artist' button on the artists page made me found you. So I selected a song...I love beethoven a lot and I love even more artists who have guts to think outside of the box. You do exactly that on this song! I like the computeresque approach wich makes the song ready for sonic the hedgedog or something like that hehehe...

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9 years ago
FourOFour Artist

FourOFour's artist icon
Ludwig would be proud. This is awesome!
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7 years ago

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