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album art Fit to Be Tied
by Ignoramus, Choirbox, jkane, eido and samboway

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Released: May 28, 2008 | 11:07 PM
Category: Metal
Application: Logic Express
Loop Use: Some loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 17.4 MB

Plays: 2809
Downloads: 17
Weekly Plays: 4
Weekly Downloads: 0
Statistic reset day: Wednesday

License: No derivative works allowed
I'm very pleased to welcome back 4 of my iComp buddies for a tune of which I'm really proud. I've collaborated with each of these artists before (and they've collab'ed with each other in various combinations), so in a way, it was a comfortable gathering of friends working on this track. I mention this because each of their performances were so integral to the song being what it is, and our past history of making music together no doubt helped the project along. Each collab is its own experience, but this one will always stick out to me as one that had just wildly poignant evolutionary leaps each time one of these artists contributed to the song. I think you'll agree each of them did just an amazing job on their tracks.

Check out the Lyrics section for jk's words on the lyric concept. I love knowing the story behind the story, and this tells it.

Lead vocals/lyrics: jkane
Backing vocals: Choirbox
Orchestration/piano: Eidolonia
Lead guitar: samboway
Music/mix/guitars/bass: Jay
(Drum loops courtesy of those knuckleheads at BetaMonkey and DrumsOnDemand)

Thanks for listening! And hold on.

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eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
Something Jay doesn't mention is the tremendous struggle he had to bring this project to fruition -- a struggle requiring personal investment well above and beyond the call of duty, to a degree far beyond where most people would have called it quits. Long story short, what I'll refer to euphemistically as 'technical difficulties' almost destroyed this enormous, epic project, and only through painstaking effort was Jay able to reconstruct it and bring it forward to its completed state. I'm sure everyone who hears this track will agree that it was worth the effort!

I'd also like to say what a pleasure it was to work with my collaborators on this track. Jay is a gentleman and a scholar, the ultimate open-minded musical producer who displays a rare trust in his co-conspirators. Working with him couldn't have been easier.

I'm delighted to have left my stamp on this track, and I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

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9 years ago
herrsolera Artist

herrsolera's artist icon
Okay team, just the intro is worth the price of admission. I'm going nuts over the buildup. John's gruff kick into the mix which brings in the distorted riff was quite the surprise - I'm used to his ethereal, dreamlike voice, so to hear him rock out was a treat.

Jay, as a rhythm guitarist you have honed your craft - I love not only the meat on the heavy riffs, but also the careful way you pluck at the clean strings. Eido's instrumentation is highly understated. It feels like it's holding each piece together, but has to be the mature member of the band who takes the background. As someone who loves orchestration, I paid exceptionally close attention to the ambiance. Samboway? Damn - way to use that pedal to magnificent heights. I love how you matched Jay's guitar, not only in tone but also in style. I was waiting for ChoirBox's grand entrance, but it seems she snuck up on me - a lovely addition to John's regal voice.

This is a masterful work gentlemen. I wish I had the touch of subtlety present here. What also works is not only the song's lack of a predictable structure, but how it keeps getting better. John keeps getting heavier, the strings rise higher, the drums get nastier (in a good way), and everything just culminates in one enormous sonic boom.

I think I need a cold shower now. But first: applause, favorited. I'll be back to download this monolith of sound.
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9 years ago
sonsofhypnos Artist

sonsofhypnos's artist icon
wow, this was wonderful...beautiful, yet tormenting...wonderful and heartfelt, yet painful and tear-jerking. all of you did a wonderful job here...hats off to all who added to this. i love it, and i really relate. great work everyone, great.........

this one really got to the emotions...and that's not easy. wonderful job all around! thank you, all of you.

Latest Song: Wither Collab
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9 years ago
padowan_learner Artist

padowan_learner's artist icon
Simply incredible. What a fantastic, larger-than-life opus this turned out to be. And all the more amazing in light of Eido's info. The emotions within this piece come through with strength and brutal clarity.

Good thing the ratings option has been disabled on this one. Five stars all around just ain't nearly enough.
Latest Song: The Electric General
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9 years ago
feenixx Artist

feenixx's artist icon
an epic metallic "magnum opus" - very enjoyable, a classic, really. Superb mix and production, as well as a top-notch composition.

Nicely structured, too, with sections of different mood and pace.

And not to forget to mention: fine songwriting and stellar singing.

who doesn't do ratings...
Latest Song: Enceladus Encounter
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9 years ago
dirigent Artist

dirigent's artist icon
A great collab and a masterpiece! Bravissimi! Love all the vocals smiley smiley smiley Amazing production!
Latest Song: Night Rock Collab
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9 years ago
brnPetra Artist

brnPetra's artist icon
I love the part when Jkane and Choirbox singing together so beautiful..

Latest Song: In The Dark Collab
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9 years ago
DaveM Artist

DaveM's artist icon
Another epic song of torment.

A great collaborative effort by all involved, you seem to have slotted together seamlessly .. given the complexity of song and arrangement, that this is achieved without ever meeting is a testament to Jay's light touch (and patience) when it comes to producing these collaborative songs, he just leaves you to it, the reward for such freedom is clearly demonstrated in this song.

Great contrasts in the song, Johns lyrics are always excellent and thought provoking, superb guitar playing, but the piano, orchestration and Choirboxs' BV's really light up the song for me. Magnificent.

Latest Song: Seven Deadly Sins
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9 years ago
Barretok Artist

Barretok's artist icon
What an amazing group! Great arrangement and production! smiley
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9 years ago
Choirbox Artist

Choirbox's artist icon
There are a lot of words I could use to describe this one, but for me, "intense" is the one that stands out. JK had a really difficult theme to deal with musically. It's hard do a story justice that is so emotional to begin with. I think all the performances really kept the central idea and feeling in mind and built on that in a very thoughtful, emotional and cohesive way. The thing I liked most about this project was that there was a real sense of putting the song first, rather than trying to outdo each other with musical acrobatics. Every bit and piece that everyone added maintained its own relevance while still allowing the other musicians to speak as well. Well done and thanks to all. I'm very happy to have been included in this.
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9 years ago
Jacob Artist

Jacob's artist icon
Very very excellent job by all here. You guys have made an amazing track. Very nice job, loved it.

Latest Song: Couch Sack
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9 years ago
TheUnheard Artist

TheUnheard's artist icon
Really nice work here. You've made the 3/4 time signature work for you, and it's really paid off. The guitar work is extremely tight with an excellent solo in the middle of the song, not to mention the solo at the outro, which brings the whole piece to a screaming climax. The piano and acoustic work is truly beautiful, and immaculate (but of course) along with sublime backing vocals, which lend so much atmosphere to those quiet interludes. The lead vocals ain't shabby either - the singer has a very distinctive voice, and a fair degree of talent. The drums may be computerised, but regardless, they're very tastefully used, and real sounding. My only suggestion would be that some extra chunk for the rhythm section would have given the song more power in the distorted sections, but that's a matter of opinion!

All things said, this was certainly a project worth saving, and congratulations to all involved for producing such a mature and well thought-through piece of music.

TheUnheard x
Latest Song: Trifid
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9 years ago
Tribrix Artist

Tribrix's artist icon
Your effort brings our reward. What a master work, from all of you. In many ways, I think this is one of the best things I've come across on iComp. The effort is so tight, like a composition by Beethoven, it's one of those things you listen to and think, if a single note was moved it'd ruin the perfection. It soars to great heights, but also lands, getting "grounded" a bit, for wonderful contrast. Everything is rock solid. Great job. Thanks for overcoming those difficulties and sharing this great track with us.
Latest Song: Stealing the Code
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9 years ago
jkane Artist

jkane's artist icon
My thanks to my collaborators. You know, Jay's that guy, you know the one. There is a band that's really good but not great and then he comes along and then something unexpected happens (and he does this consistently with other artists). The music is more than just a collab or just artists layered on a track, it's an education and a special opportunity to see your creation become something valid. Through it all (and there were some hurdles), he has a sense of humor and encourages you to do better. I'm proud to be a part of this. I've listened to it countless times and I'm still pinching myself (and for the record, it's not the male vocals that are my favorite parts smiley ).
Latest Song: Existential
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9 years ago
MusicLeft Artist

MusicLeft's artist icon
All in this piece is well played.
especially Love the Bass and Guitars.
great Work.

Latest Song: Cose Sospese
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9 years ago
JTC Artist

JTC's artist icon
Outstanding! The best collaboration I've heard.
Latest Song: Regurgitation Jam Collab
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9 years ago
PinkFreud Artist

PinkFreud's artist icon
Rock solid. Everyone pulls their weight and then some. Man, it really changes direction there when it mellows out; I found myself hoping that it would circle back around for another dose of the heavy, and I wasn't disappointed. Simply epic.
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9 years ago
samboway Artist

samboway's artist icon
It goes without saying that working on a song like this made me feel all warm and tingly inside. I've still got each different version as this song naturally evolved in my iTunes and when you get to where this song is now it's truly a testament to everyone's hard work how gre into what it is. I still can't listen to it without getting goosebumps at 'the moment'.

Jay and I went through so many different versions of guitar parts and I'm so glad at the fact he took the rhythms on all by himself. We didn't seem to be able to get a gel between us on this one. I love how his opening guitars juxtapose with the clean part I'm doing. Then the way the orchestra grew around and inside it, and then the way the lyrics floated over it..........

Ahh, god damn I love this song. Thanks to everyone and I'd be homoured to work with any of you again in a heartbeat.
Latest Song: Farewell Father
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9 years ago
BlendWellMusic Artist Every piece of this one fits just perfect. First off the strings and piano, Eidolonia always haunting and beautiful. jkane, the vocals are something I haven't heard from you before. I'm impressed, that it they came out So commanding. The Guitars sound so nice, the acoustic was the cherry on top for me. Jay, the production is perfect!
I personally enjoyed the drop out More then anything I've ever heard on Icomp!
When the slow drums drop back in, made me have huge shivers. Piano, Guitar and Vocals just sounding timeless.


Latest Song: On my skin
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9 years ago
artneuro Artist

artneuro's artist icon
I've been away from listening for some time but I decided to have a listen today because I got some accidental time off. This is the first track I went for and I tell you, I'm not disappointed in the least bit. This is great stuff. It' absolutely kicking in my headphones. Great work guys!
Latest Song: Neurotronic Three
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9 years ago
JefDam Artist

JefDam's artist icon
yeah, great work dudes!!
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9 years ago
Trannyman Listener

Trannyman's artist icon
This totally kicks a** !! Going one better than feenixx " super magnum opus" !!!!!!! great job guys !! Theres nothing more to say !!! smiley
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9 years ago
Trannyman Listener

Trannyman's artist icon
After reading those lyrics, i'm having a hard time clearing the lump in my throat...... those are some powerful lyrics!
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9 years ago
EvilFactman Artist

EvilFactman's artist icon
This is awesome. Don't know how i missed it.
Latest Song: So Wrong
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9 years ago
tokai2 Artist

tokai2's artist icon
Great song again. Truly flowing with creative music and top notch quality with a really crisp sound. Great layered track with some outstanding playing. Love your voice, and that guitar sound.
Latest Song: whatever
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9 years ago

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