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by MrBajen

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Released: Sep 5, 2008 | 8:53 AM
Category: Alternative
Application: ProTools
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This is strange music for some. For some it aint even music. To me it's a percussion duo.

I was asked to compose a piece for two percussionists who were about to have a concert in a small chapel at Capri in Italy. I had to involve the bell in the chapel and were only allowed to use instruments made of metal. So, this is part of the result.

The piece in its entirety is called " remember the still unseen days" and consists of six movements. This upload involves two of them:
- Remembrance
- Reflections

Sorry for the poor sound quality. The concert was recorded on a zoom placed outside of the chapel. Turn the volume up and you can hear the motorcycles passing by...

Beware of the change in volume at 4'20 where "Reflections" starts!

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pharmakeus Artist

pharmakeus's artist icon
Mesmerizing, meditative, spooky. Study in sound and space; dialogue and silence?
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9 years ago
jolofsson Artist

jolofsson's artist icon
You're right my friend..this is different and not the kind of "music" I listen to. This is a musical piece that I can imagine would fit well for movies and stuff....FX stuff maybe.

But I guess...being in that chapel at Capri in Italy, listening to about an interesting musical experience...wish I could have been there. I think this kind of music requires something more for your senses....a place, a picture, a smell or...well...anything that you can connect this piece to. I tried to imagine pics and movie clips from the Godfather films listening to this...and that helped...made me understand...I think.

You're a wonder my friend and I wish fame and glory smiley

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9 years ago
becwil Moderator

becwil's artist icon
I remember your Urban Futures, so I know you have such in you. smiley

Yes, to have been there would have been a real treat. This is very atmospheric and invites imagination.
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9 years ago
JD Moderator

JD's artist icon
Whenever I see your name with a download, I am know I am getting something totally unique and original. This one is no different.

A far cry from what I would expect, but this is still a great musical journey.
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9 years ago
Justin_Case Artist

Justin_Case's artist icon
A meditative study in metallic timbres. Brilliant and beautiful tones are explored and evoked in this 'heavy metal' opus. Primitive rhythms and ethereal atmospheres create a sublime percussive play. A stellar performance. Will you be posting the other movements? Glad you're back in these parts, Mr. B! smiley
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9 years ago
MrBajen Artist

MrBajen's artist icon
I thank you all!

And yes, to hear this piece as a digital copy sitting inside my apartment is faaar from the experience I had in Capri. The chapel, placed on one of the highest spots of Capri, was over crowded so I had to stand outside for the whole concert. Wether one likes it or not, you just have to implement the surroundings; the distant Italian voices passing by whispering-like, the hundreds (or thousands, what do I know?) of crickets making the sounds crickets tend to make (parts of the concert was totally drowned by their sounds), overlooking the town from high above, a completely starry night, the huge garden (more like a park) in which the chapel was situated (it was a private chapel - no graveyard attached), the heat (like 30 degrees C)...

To me it wasn't film-like. It was more like an everything-is-connected-experience. If I was religious perhaps I would call it a religious experience, but since I'm not I just say call it pretty cool.
Last edited by MrBajen, 9 years ago.
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9 years ago
etgilles Artist

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9 years ago

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