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Mikee's Musical Musings Vol 3 DNB edition
July 25, 2008 | by Mikee

Image There is a plethora of musical style out there. Some obvious (Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, RnB, Classical) some obscure (Glitch, 8 Bit, Grind, Field Recording, Concrete Music). But its when these styles come together to form little hybrid freaks of sound, something beautiful and original is born. One (of millions) of these little "hybrid" genres is Jungle Music (or more commonly known as Drum and Bass Music) is what we will be focusing on in this issue of M3.

"Stealthy Jungle" (DnB) by Noeecken (Jungle/DnB/Breakcore)
High quality audio right here! ridiculous drums stomp their way in and out of spine tingling synths and a wonderfully bloated bass line.

"Strangerine Falls" by LaPerfectDrug (Glitch/DnB/Techno core)
Skittering, Glitching, choppy beats + Gunshots + Sitar = one incredibly original song. Tons of character in this one. A personal favorite.

"Maracuja Bonanza (DnB)" by Tauchsieder and Danman4961 (Jungle/Asian/Fuzz core)
Great use of vox samples (that sound like they are from a Kung Fu movie). Asian influence up the yin yang smiley superb craftsmanship here. A finely tuned specimen.

"Musical Rush" by Eykhan343 (Jungle/DnB/Fuzz core)
Superb vocal sampling. Very bizarre but all the more enjoyable. sort of indescribable though.

"Podulicious" by Darkseid (Glitch/Concrete/Fuzz core)
A wonderfully abstract little experiment! some home recordings of the creators cats going crazy mixed in with mesmerizing synths and tight beats...the breakdown in the middle of the song is genius!

"The Batbond Cometh" by ShavingRonaldsCar (Jungle/DnB/Glitch)
Batman meets James Bond. need i say anything more?

"Tomb Raider - Drum 'n Bass Mix" by Eurostrike (Jungle/Mystic/Sprinkle core)
One of my favorite video game themes becomes one of my favorite drum and bass songs! a brilliant mix with plenty going on and loads of character. Definitely merits a listen!

"Saturday Morning (drum n bass") by Noeecken (Jungle/Reggae core)
One of the defining features of a drum and bass song is well, the BASS!!! and there is plenty of it on this tune...a sort of schizophrenic, happy go lucky bounce-fest.

"Mario drum'n'bass 'ish" by ArtoftheCaveCore (8 bit/DnB/Nintendo core)
Super Mario on CRACK!!! ... yeah.



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I'm really shcked there hasn't been a ton o' raves on this one. There is some awesome music here!
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