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Special Report: GarageBand Jam Pack 3 Analysis
October 9, 2004 | by pm

Image Last week, Apple released two new Jam Packs for GarageBand, Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools and Jam Pack 3: Rhythm Section. Today, iCompositions takes a look at the contents of Jam Pack 3 and lists every single loop and software instrument included in the collection.

Apple boasts "more than 1,000 drum beats and fills and more than 1,000 bass lines, chord progressions, guitar and keyboard riffs." However, iCompositions found that the actual number of loops included in the collection is well over that, a whopping 2621 loops!

Purchase Jam Pack 3 for $99

Note that many loops share the same name. We've simplified the list to show only unique loop names and the number of loops which share that name (in parenthesis).

6-8 Acoustic Strum (6) Jam Pack 3 CD
6-8 Jazzy Drumset (3)
6-8 Jazzy Fill (1)
6-8 Muted Acoustic (4)
12 Bar Blues Bass (1)
12-8 Acoustic Strum (3)
12-8 Afro Cuban Conga (6)
12-8 Electric Arpeggio (11)
12-8 Jazzy Drumset (11)
12-8 Jazzy Fill (2)
12-8 Muted Acoustic Strum (1)
60s Shuffle Drumset (12)
60s Shuffle Fill (7)
70s Street Drumset (16)
70s Street Fill (7)
80s Pop Rock Bass (1)
80s Pop Rock Guitar (4)
80s Pop Rock Solo (4)
Acoustic Salsa Guitar (1)
Airy Rhythm Guitar (1)
Alt Metal Drumset (14)
Alt Metal Fill (8)
Alt Pop Acoustic (7)
Alternative Acoustic (10)
Alternative Arpeggio (14)
Backroads Banjo (66)
Backroads Electric (60)
Ballad Acoustic Guitar (1)
Bar Band Basic Drumset (20)
Basic Electric Strum (6)
Basic Rock Drumset (20)
Basic Rock Fill (7)
Bass Strobe (1)
Beachside Clave (1)
Beachside Conga (2)
Beachside Drumset (16)
Beachside Electric (17)
Beachside Fill (8)
Beachside Shaker (1)
Beachside Steel Drums (21)
Bebop Drumset (16)
Bebop Fill (7)
Bedrock Drumset (13)
Bedrock Fill (1)
Big City Drumset (11)
Big City Fill (5)
Big City Harmonics (2)
Big City Rocker Bass (14)
Big City Tambourine (1)
Big Hair Bass (13)
Big Hair Drumset (14)
Big Hair Fill (9)
Big Hair Guitar Chunk (9)
Big Maracas (8)
Big Room Rock Drumset (4)
Big Room Rock Fill (3)
Black Boots Guitar (3)
Blues Bar Bass (2)
Blues Bar Piano (8)
Blues Harp (4)
Bluesy Guitar Chords (4)
Bluesy Guitar Stabs (4)
Boogie Woogie Acoustic (1)
Boogie Woogie Bass (1)
Brazilian Caxia (2)
Brazilian Repique (4)
Brazilian Surdo (4)
Brazilian Timbau (10)
Bread and Butter Bass (67)
Bright Acoustic Lines (5)
Bright Hammer Bass (5)
Bright Tone Bass (10)
British Invasion Bass (21)
Brush Train Drumset (24)
Brush Train Fill (7)
Busy Roundtrip Drumset (2)
Busy Roundtrip Fill (9)
Chaos Guitar (1)
Cheerful Mandolin (28)
Chicago Blues Drumset (2)
Chicago Blues Fill (4)
Chunk Delay Chords (5)
Classic Attitude Rock (19)
Classic Rock Arpeggio (5)
Classic Rock Riffing (26)
Coffee Shop Guitar (12)
Cool Down Slide Guitar (8)
Cool Jazz Drumset (9)
Cool Jazz Fill (3)
Cool Jazz Walking Bass (12)
ry Perfect Bass (1)
Crowd Groove Drumset (7)
Crowd Groove Fill (3)
Dark and Heavy Riff (20)
Dark Bells (1)
Daydream Guitar (1)
Delayed Rock Electric (10)
Delicate Guitar Echoes (6)
Delta Blues Guitar (4)
Delta Blues Solo (21)
Double Punk Drumset (14)
Double Punk Fill (6)
Down Home Dobro (48)
Driving Pick Bass Riff (10)
Droning Guitar (1)
Dusty Road Dobro (10)
Endless Metal Chunk (2)
Essential Drumset (3)
Falling Star Guitar (4)
Farewell Guitar (3)
Fat Maracas (1)
Fingerpicking Melodies (3)
Flannel Guitar (2)
Folk Pop Acoustic (11)
Forever Harmonics (1)
Foundation Drumset (9)
Foundation Fill (3)
Four on Floor Drumset (13)
Four on Floor Fill (3)
Front Porch Dobro (10)
Funked Out Drumset (16)
Funked Out Fill (4)
Funky Brushes Drumset (7)
Funky Brushes Fill (2)
Funky Shuffle Drumset (19)
Funky Shuffle Fill (5)
Funky Strut Drumset (13)
Funky Strut Fill (6)
Funky Strut Shaker (3)
Funky Strut Tambourine (5)
Glam Riffing (4)
Grit Metal (2)
Groove Along Drumset (29)
Groove Along Fill (4)
Groove Along Rock Bass (13)
Half Time Funk Drumset (14)
Half Time Funk Fill (2)
Hardest Working Bass (10)
Harmonic Echoes (6)
Harmonic Strumming (3)
Haunting Octaves (2)
Haunting Pad (1)
Headbop Drumset (11)
Headbop Fill (3)
Heavy Attitude Guitar (1)
Heavy Growling Riff (9)
Heavy Wah Guitar (1)
Hi Hat Foot-off (1)
Indian Tambourine (3)
Indie Groove Bass (1)
Indie Rock Riffing (11)
Jam Band Basic Drumset (25)
Jam Band Basic Fill (6)
Jam Funk Drumset (14)
Jam Funk Fill (3)
Jam Funk Hat Intro (1)
Jam Rock Drumset (7)
Jam Rock Fill (3)
Jaws Harp Jingo Jango (9)
Jazz Brush Drumset (4)
Laid Back Classic (4)
Laid Back Dream (5)
Laid Back Jazz Bass (17)
Lava Lamp Wah Guitar (1)
Lazy Conga Shuffle (2)
Lazy Tambourine (1)
Liquid Fretless Bass (4)
Liverpool Skiffle Bass (19)
Lo Firy Drums (17)
Long Snare Roll (1)
Lush Guitar Chords (1)
Metal Chunk Bass (2)
Metal Chunk Guitar (2)
Metal Head Guitar (2)
Metal Shaker (8)
Millennium Surf Bass (17)
Monster Speed Metal (7)
Monster Truck Guitar (21)
Monster Truck Solo (40)
Mood Ring Guitar (2)
Moody Fingerpicking (6)
Motown Ballad Bass (20)
Motown Ballad Drumset (11)
Motown Ballad Fill (6)
Motown Guitar Picking (2)
Motown Mixed Drumset (5)
Motown Mixed Fill (2)
Motown Pocket Bass (8)
Motown Pocket Drumset (5)
Motown Pocket Fill (1)
Motown Tambourine (1)
Motown Upbeat Bass (16)
Motown Upbeat Drumset (10)
Motown Upbeat Fill (5)
Mountain Dobro (10)
Music Video Drumset (46)
Music Video Fill (16)
Nashville Pedal Steel (56)
New Attitude Electric (6)
Odd Feel Rock Drumset (3)
Odd Time Pop Drumset (1)
Odd Time Pound Drumset (1)
Odd Time Rock Bass (15)
Odd Time Rock Drumset (15)
Odd Time Rock Fill (4)
Odd Time Shaker (1)
Old Timer Bass Pattern (3)
Overcast Guitar (2)
Picked Rock Bass (27)
Pitch Bender Electric (5)
Pop Groove Drumset (16)
Pop Groove Fill (5)
Pounding Drumset (5)
Pounding Fill (3)
Power Rock Riff (2)
Preaching Slide Guitar (5)
Prog Metal Drumset (4)
Prog Metal Fill (2)
Progressive Acoustic (21)
Progressive Solo (38)
Pure Rock Drumset (14)
Pure Rock Fill (6)
Reflective Arpeggio (19)
Reflective Bass (29)
Reflective Congas (4)
Reflective Cowbell (1)
Reflective Cymbal (3)
Reflective Delay Leads (13)
Reflective Drumset (15)
Reflective E Piano (11)
Reflective Fill (11)
Reflective Percussion (1)
Reflective Rattler (1)
Reflective Rhythm (13)
Reflective Shaker (1)
Reflective Tambourine (4)
Reflective Toms (1)
Reflective Triangle (1)
Reverse Guitar FX (1)
Rhythm & Blues Drumset (8)
Rhythm & Blues Fill (3)
Ringing Power Chords (5)
Rock Riff Bass (4)
Rockabilly Guitar (12)
Rockabilly Upright (23)
Rolling Timbale (1)
Round Tone Bass (11)
Rural Acoustic Strum (19)
Salsa Conga (2)
Serious Strumming (8)
Seventies Conga (2)
Seventies Guiro (1)
Seventies Rock Anthem (1)
Seventies Rock Riffing (7)
Seventies Wah Guitar (1)
Sidestick Drumset (12)
Simple Clean Delay (8)
Skiffle Drumset (10)
Skiffle Fill (4)
Slap Back Drumset (2)
Slapback Echo Drumset (7)
Slapback Echo Fill (7)
Slinky Alt Drumset (6)
Slinky Alt Fill (1)
Slow Chunk Guitar (2)
Solid 70s Drumset (30)
Solid 70s Fill (15)
Sonic Distortion Guitar (1)
Southern Banjo (18)
Southern Basic Drumset (14)
Southern Dobro (15)
Southern Drumset (10)
Southern Fiddle (35)
Southern Fill (3)
Southern Guitar (21)
Southern Smooth Bass (13)
Space Rock Guitar Riff (2)
Stadium Guitar Solo (4)
Stage Effects Guitar (2)
Story Acoustic Guitar (2)
Straight Timbale (3)
Sub Dubby Synth Bass (5)
Sunday Morning Organ (8)
Surf Bingo Guitar (3)
Sweet Lament Guitar (3)
Sweet Strummer (2)
Swinging Conga Groove (1)
Swinging Shaker Groove (1)
Syncopated Drumset (15)
Syncopated Fill (4)
Syncopated Pop Drumset (30)
Syncopated Pop Fill (9)
Tell It Strumming Guitar (1)
Texas Blues Rhythm (3)
Texas Blues Solo (5)
Thrash Drumset (9)
Thrash Fill (3)
Timbale Snare Enhancer (1)
Titanic Fill (1)
Tomboy Drumset (8)
Tomboy Fill (1)
Two Hand Finger Tap (11)
Unplugged Attitude (13)
Upbeat Strummer (1)
Wild Slide Distortion (1)
Wooden Tambourine (6)
World Rock Drumset (11)
World Rock Fill (1)

Software Instruments

Aggressive Fretless
Attitude Bass
Bluegrass Banjo
Bluesy Acoustic
Caribbean Steel Drums
Cavern Kit
Eighties Electric
Eighties Power Chords
Headbanger Kit
Indie Kit
Indie Kit Live
Liverpool Bass
Motown Bass
Prog Rock Bass
Roadhouse Kit
Session Bass
Seventies Kit
Shared Percussion
Stinger Bass
Studio Brush kit
Studio Heavy Kit
Studio Tight Kit
Studio Toolkit
Subby Bass
Sunburst Electric
Sunburst Power Chords
Thumbstroke Bass
Twangy Electric
Twangy Strumming
Unplugged Bass
Warehouse Kit

Be sure to get your own copy of Apple's GarageBand Jam Pack 2 or 3 through the images in the top right corner of iCompositions! We'll have a similar analysis of Jam Pack 2 soon.


pm Administrator

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We have way too much free time on our hands.
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mattf Artist

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do we?

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Artist Page Send Message October 10, 2004 | 3:42 am
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well, if we do, at least we know what we're doing with it. If you know what I mean.

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mattf Artist

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haha - yes I do know what you mean *cough* smiley

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Artist Page Send Message October 11, 2004 | 12:37 pm
sondjata Listener

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I really wish that Apple would separate out the loops from the software instruments. I for one have no need for premade melodies, chords or what-have-you.
Artist Page Send Message October 11, 2004 | 5:06 pm
mattf Artist

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That is a very good idea - they should do that smiley

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Artist Page Send Message October 11, 2004 | 6:12 pm
Toti Listener

Quote Report
They should concentrate on a specific area in the packs as well... "A little of everything" seems like somebody just searched a loop database for random data.

I'd love to get a 80's pop pack, a classic rock pack etc instead of a whiff of everything...

Or does Steve want us to compose compost ? smiley
Artist Page Send Message October 14, 2004 | 4:20 pm
triage Artist

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Quote Report
Separating the loops from the software!

Softpak I, for, let's say, $50.

Like you, Son and Matt, I'd like to add variety to the sounds emanating from my hands and leave my loop assortment where it is.
Latest Song: Downtown quilters
Artist Page Send Message October 16, 2004 | 7:19 pm
tom Listener

Quote Report
I guess I'm on the opposite end -- I want to use the loops with my software instruments.

Are most of the loops audio files or midi files??

Artist Page Send Message January 25, 2005 | 4:11 am
JohnThaBaptist Artist

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Ya I don't really want audio loops, I'd much prefer midi files and software instruments...
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Artist Page Send Message January 2, 2007 | 7:51 pm
jforsythe Listener

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Quote Report
Hopefully this will help someone...

If you want to install only the instruments and none of the loops, there is a program called "Pacifist" (search macupdate.com) that will allow you to install only the portions of a package (.pkg) that you wish. All you have to do is drop the installer package into Pacifist and it will show you all of the files it contains. Control click what you want to install and select one of the available options.
Artist Page Send Message February 26, 2007 | 5:35 am
herrsolera Artist

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Quote Report
All you have to do is enter the "Library" folder of your Mac, go to GarageBand, and delete the folder called "Loops". Just like that, gigabytes upon gigabytes of much-needed hard drive space are freed.

Doesn't make the price any lower, but hey, something is something.
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aafuss Artist

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This is my favorite Jam Pack
Artist Page Send Message August 21, 2007 | 3:35 pm
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I just want some rock instrument loops
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