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Red Highway by Argales 2 years ago
Hi Mre, I do not mind at all. It is how I evolve, by criticism. It is always a help to hear an objective comment, because otherwise I can't see those "issues" myself smiley Thank you for all your honesty and straightforwardly comments
Space Sonata (Unmastered) by Argales 3 years ago
mre wrote:
As a listener I had trouble finding the quarter note pulse at first and had to work to maintain it in my ears throughout the piece which could potentially groove like crazy at some point if someone just played the quarter note toward the end… you work well together smiley

So are you suggesting I should do something different, or is this just a comment about a feeling you got when you hear the song? smiley (want to make sure I understand you)
Riddle of the Assassins (unmastered) by Argales 3 years ago
Thanks MRE and that80sboy. Yeah long time no hear smiley
Nippon Blues by Argales 3 years ago
morgan102 wrote:
Awwwww Maria soooooooo......SWEET!!

Thanks all ^^
A Funk Trial by Argales 3 years ago
KCsGroove only one loop. The processed synth. Then I reharmonise with built in piano plugin
Jesus Blood (remastered) by Argales 3 years ago
themodernorchestra wrote:
Still one of my most favorite songs from all icompositions. You both executed this song so beautiful! I've played it many many times after it's firsts upload and shared with many....

so many versions out there really but not one is as beautiful as this one.

Well maybe the original by the tramp... can't remember I've ever heard him singing it... not ever sure there's a recording of it.. smiley

Thanks ^^
Funk Groove (8bars Preview) by Argales 3 years ago
MikeHuntingford wrote:
Where's the rest.... great stuff what I did hear!

It's a work in progress track
Jesus Blood (remastered) by Argales 4 years ago
particledots wrote:
was me
I'll be sure to update the description smiley
American Life (Argales Mix) by Argales 4 years ago
mre wrote:
Well done, Maria; wow, you have learned so much. An exciting club ready piece... smiley

ps I checked out the original... yours is musically more interesting by far! The long slow build, interesting harmonies, beautiful background vocal harmonies. Well done!

The vocal was the most difficult to deal with. they did some weird stuff on it, like some words were really low on the mix, and the background was a mess, overpowering the main vocal Multiband compression helps a bit.
Die Another Day (Blackout Empire Mix) by olympus 4 years ago
ahh it was the chorus effect.
Into The Great Unkown rmix 2013 by alanatomic 4 years ago
it reminds me a bit of roxanne, don't know why smiley
Enjoyed both version smiley
Die Another Day (Blackout Empire Mix) by olympus 4 years ago
flanging vocal on mono?
Celestia's Magic by Argales 4 years ago
hehe ^_^
Come Back To Me by sax5man 5 years ago
i like the horn section, not too loud ^_^

Closer To by FishCow 5 years ago
in-game soundtrack for sure
Someone Else's Story - male by ihussain 5 years ago
yep, you're right! Founded one of his chess concert on YouTube. Definitely has this "Disney" feel over it (the song)
ocean (studio live recoding) by zarizarikun 5 years ago
try use some compression on the vocal track (to bring up the low signal). As it is now, it still got high dynamic, so at some part was loud while other part was soft.
Someone Else's Story - male by ihussain 5 years ago
you should try some Josh Groban-ish music style for your vocal.
Life is too Short by thetau 5 years ago
when I read the lyric, it feels like reading a short novel smiley
Don't Stop Believing (cover) by A_HIGHER_VIBRATION 5 years ago
Hey..... you should definitely try sing one of Pat Benatar's song. How about Heartbreaker for a start?
Do let me know when you finish one ^_^V
All I Do The Whole Day Through Is Think Of You by Darkmuse 5 years ago
Hey, is it possible to show us the lyric? I'm really curious as to what she was singin (repeatedly sung) ^_^V

Celestia's Magic by Argales 5 years ago
it is reassuring to know there are others, here in Icomp. who are familiar with the Japanese style music

She Came from Texas by pharmakeus 5 years ago
That was just so you.... is it not?


Pickles by pinkyrv 5 years ago
Pickles!! catchy for a cat ^_^. Wouldn't it be fun if she/he (sing) "meow" too ?hehe

G~Bass Blues by mre 5 years ago
have to give a second comment, "when will you record more like this?" Friend was asking me one-day when she visit me last time.

One Part Love by Backyardtroubadour 5 years ago
Hey I just happened to think of an idea, how about do a video version for the song? like slide-show of the tragedy?

Way Of The World (Acoustic Live+ Version 2013) by zallaz 5 years ago
wow vocal fitted well for this style, I think is fine as it is now. Not too much improvisation. Guitar is fine, not so sure about the "Gothic choir" in the middle whether it's necessary or not as a breakdown/bridge part. Maybe guitar solo on the relevant part?
Overall I think is fine
Cheers ^_^V
Thinkin' About Forever by LWinston 5 years ago
omg, how come I missed this one ? well anyway, just suddenly thought of you, and pick this one after a long time, well I prefer this style of yours better than your downtempo style. And I think I'm gonna agree with what zetif says above. Specifically the breakdown/bridge parts. ^_^
Russian Winter by Jacalore 5 years ago
imagining watching a lonely planet about Russia ^_^
you cant contain by Lapskin 5 years ago
like the "big room" synths style.
Romance for the Spirits by PATROUX 5 years ago
remind me of Croc 2 Hanglider
Oggi by cicosalinas 5 years ago
can't help imagining wreck it ralph ^_^
snow harp by zarizarikun 5 years ago
hah the guitar melody reminds me a bit of the opening of the Yoko Kanno's "Siberian Doll House" tune
G~Bass Blues by mre 5 years ago
this style is definitely best listen on a live performance, the contra bass position and distance (from the recording device) is perfect. The guitar could be back a bit, and saxophone upfront, with some low pass (around 200hz), just to get rid of the "oomm" sound. But other than that, it is a fine piece, and I'm sure everyone enjoy it. cheers
Judgement Day by pharmakeus 5 years ago
hmmm, maybe a bit automation works on the reverb? ^_^ cheers
nice, gotta love the horn section, adding some jazzy swing to it ^_^. And surprisingly your vocal fitted well on this one, and kudos to your "partner in crime" ^_^
I Was Born In The Olden Days by DanielLambert 5 years ago

Love in Jazz Lounge by archie7777 5 years ago
you need to get back to this genre, stop the pop and folk music. Srsly this is your rhythm here, make more Jazzy dance tune please ^_^V
Liar Liar by genie1978 5 years ago
Just listened to the Billie Jean (cover) and I can definitely say that I preferred your studio recorded vocal than live. Simply because the vocal pitch control are much better here ^^
Memory by zarizarikun 5 years ago
nice, I'm always a big fan of J-pop and J-rock , Japan anime, mangga, the games, and most importantly the language. Three fav. composers Kenji Kawai, Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu. .... keep up the good word ^_^
Out Of Body by C_Man 5 years ago
I like the arrangement .... The vocal sounded good and definitely made for this type of tune.... but of course nothing is perfect... I can sometimes hear a bit off tune on some places.... well keep up the good work ^_^ it is an enjoyable tune
Some Plunk Funk by mre 6 years ago
really is like watching a documentary about one tribe somewhere in the east ....
Spring Under (Demo) by Argales 6 years ago
thank you
Million Dollars by Xolv 6 years ago
ahh so that's the story of *Million Dollars* well I would totally understand about your disclaimer , this one doesn't need any kind of *tinker*
Spring Under (Demo) by Argales 6 years ago
Thank you
Tomorrow Wendy by pharmakeus 6 years ago
YOU AND I by KCsGROOVE 6 years ago
I believe this is the first time I Heard your singing KC, don't know why but I kept imagine listening to this as slow country version smiley
Naive (Demo) by Argales 6 years ago
Thank you !!!
Wöbbly by Vlazreus 6 years ago
maybe using modulation slider on a keyboard (if available) ... though as lifeaftersix have said... getting a controller is another way ....
Ineptitude by ZipZipper 6 years ago
lol thanks for point us to the site .... a fun find indeed smiley
Morrissey- How soon is now( Cover)( Respect the Smiths Mix) by cvreloaded 6 years ago
I stopped watching charmed 10 years ago smiley
Trinity (2012) by C_Man 6 years ago
love the top bass and the double kick smiley however ... I think the vocal mix is a bit too loud though smiley
Cosmic Something Or Other by DanielLambert 6 years ago
Indeed sparkling entry ....... Did you by any chance use Crystal? Great reverb mix on the arps ...
Wonkcheese by shavingronaldscar 6 years ago
Yep, I could listen to your dance tracks better than the other genres. smiley
California Dreamin' [Cover+Sax] by archie7777 6 years ago
always love the remix version of this song
You Will Service Us by shavingronaldscar 6 years ago
I'll have to admit , that your style is getting heavier and me at least ... smiley though I'm diggin' the DnB mixing
LUX [Ableton Live Mix] by olympus 6 years ago
the rest is cool, the fill (which) little after the beginning is a bit too long for my taste at least.... then again if it is for your music tech class then everything is acceptable ... good luck with your class smiley
1961 (semi mastered) by Argales 6 years ago
Zetif, is there a chance you could point me to any audio / sample link for that type of wap wap do wap? just to hear what is sound like it the one you mean smiley thank you
A New Start by KennethLavrsen 6 years ago
great mastering !!!
While I'm With You by Vixen 6 years ago
I don't know why but I'm imagining if Linkin Park were the one sing this one ^_^V
PJ Harvey Down by The Water (cover song) by FunkoMatt 6 years ago
is it just me or that her vocal and singing style is like a British one ? ^_^V
Circles (Demo. Semi-Mastered) by Argales 6 years ago
Vixen I wish it was my vocal , but nope smiley, and thank you Morgan & Funkomatt
My Sweet Lord [Pop & Gospel] by archie7777 6 years ago
yeah I think eagle can do some vocal for you, Though I'm still not sure about those vox smiley.... I'm just gonna stick with your house smiley
Rare & Lost Tracks - Is Our Blood RED Is Our Blood by MoorNoki 6 years ago
good choirs, vox, vocals, and like the drums build ups toward the middle . I don't think I can easily spot you're using loops smiley
Harbinger Vs The Historian by mre 6 years ago
wow I'm lost smiley
The True and Final Confession of Bob Ford by pharmakeus 6 years ago
yeah it got me also think that it was a cover, but man .. definitely your vocal is made for this type of music , GJ smiley
The Pattern by anjel 6 years ago
well being mono-ish is good smiley
Lion Tiger and Panther Oh MY by alanatomic 6 years ago
I wonder where did you found your groove ..... smiley
[Mayonnaise] A R3m1X... DJ Siatt styled. JFF by DJ_Siatt 6 years ago
that's great for the approval smiley
Melanie Fontana - Water (Dappa Don & Timmy Matrixx Dance Remix) by DappaDonDon 6 years ago
She ride the beat smiley
Demo : Either or (unmastered) Open Collab by Argales 6 years ago
updated , sry
I Got The Boogie by Argales 7 years ago
thank you
/Passenger-Do What You Like (Progressive House Remix) by DappaDonDon 7 years ago
/Passenger-Do What You Like (Progressive House Remix) by DappaDonDon 7 years ago
oh im sorry to hear that, but there's always a next time, anyway it is clean production... don't worry , it is their lost... smiley
Bring a New Day (Olympian Remix) by olympus 7 years ago
now when the piano cames, then i start to feel that the bass is a bit way to the left? i know is on purpose .... smiley
AllYouNeedIsLove [acap] by eagle 7 years ago
love the harmonies, though is it just me or does it sounded like is overpowered the main vocal ,, hmmm , anyway great
Lonesome Atlantic City Blues by pharmakeus 7 years ago
felt like watching Chuck Norris episode... what was it called again?
I Got The Boogie by Argales 7 years ago
Thanks Olympus, great idea. I'll be sure to do that once I got some vocal smiley
Jazz'In House Luv by archie7777 7 years ago
love the bass and specially the horn at some point it sounded like crying... (not good with expression, excuzes moi)
I Got The Boogie by Argales 7 years ago
Somewhere in Paris
Red Lounge by Argales 7 years ago
sure, what is your email? it would be really a great help since im lack of mixing and mastering ability....
just PM me smiley
A Dozen Feet by LWinston 7 years ago
as always smiley
Angel Eyes by Lapskin 7 years ago
must be that not use to this kind, but im having a bit hard time with fx used on vocal mix... well don't mind me smiley
Cascade d'Or et de Miel by Bapta 7 years ago
i would have to agree with Little_Holligan, the synth bell at the beginning is a bit too much on the mid freq. the rest are fine i guess
OK, Party People In The House by archie7777 7 years ago
Jerome Lounnge, im in
Many Hands Many Voices Video by GlobalConspiracyProject 7 years ago
watched the one on youtube
really great effort for helping childrens smiley
Dangers On by archie7777 7 years ago
Lets Get Knotty by Ultravioletta 8 years ago
the slow wobble bass bring out the Knotty smiley
Think 69 (Club Mix) by Argales 8 years ago
She Just Want To Rock And Roll by archie7777 8 years ago
Textually Active Voice
She Just Want To Rock And Roll by archie7777 8 years ago
would like to hear that accent live from you
happy birthday scott by that80sboy 8 years ago
Happy Birthday Scott.... could use song like this, so people will use it here on one of our night club where people just love tell the DJ to play Bday song hehe, too bad the lyric says the name
SUGAR & GIN by Barretok 8 years ago
maintaining the original you
She Just Want To Rock And Roll by archie7777 8 years ago
Anticipation by LWinston 8 years ago
what else can i say
Right Before My Eyes Gospel by lupiroz 8 years ago
nice production
Think 69 (Club Mix) by Argales 8 years ago
thank you
[GarageBand]-Alice Theme (Cover) by rex 8 years ago
a beautiful classic piece, what more can i say
im enjoyed
Think 69 (Club Mix) by Argales 8 years ago
sure Dappa, and thank you